5 Ways to Improve Access to Sanitation

PSI representatives from Haiti, India and Washington, DC traveled to the UNC Water and Health Conference to present on its water and sanitation experiences and learn from other researchers and professionals. Much of the conference focused on what it will take to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6: access to safe water and sanitation. Although the

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Malaria Community Calls for Further US R&D Support

As a part of marking World Malaria Day last week, the event “U.S. Advancements in Science and Technology in Malaria:  A Showcase of Domestic Research & Development to Save Lives and Keep Americans Safe” was held in Washington DC.  The co-chairs of the Senate Working Group on Malaria and Congressional Caucus on Malaria and Neglected Tropical Diseases served as honorary hosts for the two part event.
The first part consisted of brief presentations on the latest research taking place in the U.S. Many universities were represented, as well as Walter Reed and research institutes. The program rallied around the need for the US to continue investing in malaria research and development to ensure that we remain leaders on and build upon the successes of the past two decades.
Time was also taken by members at the event to pay tribute to the late Rep. Payne, for his tremendous work and leadership on malaria issues.

The Malaria No More blog further summarizes the day’s events:

Dr. Michael Emch, University of North-Carolina-Chapel Hill, related how 40 malaria research jobs were created locally as a result of National Institutes of Health grants.  And others noted how an ambitious goal, such as ending malaria, could result in many other science and technological benefits through innovation and research much like the space race in the last century.

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