3 Ways to Engage the Private Sector Against TB

By Petra Stankard, Senior Technical Advisor HIV & TB, PSI, and Dr. Shekhar Waikar, Director of Programs, PSI-India World TB Day, commemorated on March 24th each year, raises our awareness that despite effective drugs and diagnostics, tuberculosis remains a leading cause of death in much of the world. TB is second only to HIV as

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End TB

Why TB Isn’t Yet Out of Breath

By Karl Hofmann, PSI President and CEO Despite over a century of remarkable progress, tuberculosis remains the world’s deadliest, yet preventable and treatable disease. While our attention focused on the more headline-grabbing malaria and Ebola, TB quietly rose as top infectious killer on the planet. Every year, around 9.6 million people worldwide are infected with

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TB named Top Infectious Killer in the World, Killing More People than HIV

By Jennifer Orford Over the next two weeks Impact will post the top 12 global health moments of 2015 with commentary from experts. We want to hear your thoughts, too. So login and comment, share on social media and reflect on what has been a pretty interesting year for global health. With 9.6 million new

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Global Fund Results Show Strong Progress Against HIV, TB and Malaria

As world leaders met in Addis Ababa to discuss financing for the Sustainable Development Goals, the Global Fund announced mid-year results that demonstrate strong progress against HIV, tuberculosis and malaria. The results show that 8.1 million people are receiving antiretroviral treatment for HIV through programs supported by Global Fund grants, a 22% increase since the

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Nina Hasen

Introducing PSI’s New Director of HIV and TB: Q & A with Nina Hasen

Nina Hasen recently joined PSI as the Director of HIV and Tuberculosis. Coming to us from the Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator (OGAC), which oversees the President’s Emergency Response for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), Nina brings not only expertise in HIV and AIDS programming and policy, but also a strong scientific and academic background through

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A New Start in Conquering TB

Photo of the Week

By: Jenny Tolep, External Relations and Communications On Tuesday, March 24th PSI recognized World Tuberculosis Day to raise awareness about the disease and encourage further efforts to address it globally. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one third of the world’s population has been infected with tuberculosis (TB). TB is the number one killer of those infected with HIV, responsible for one-fifth of all HIV-related deaths. With

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Drug Resistance Threatens TB Progress, New Drugs Show Promise

This year marked important strides in the global tuberculosis response. By many measures the world is making great progress against TB – the rate of new TB cases has been falling worldwide for about a decade. However, progress is seriously threatened in large part due to drug resistance, according to the WHO’s “Global Tuberculosis Report 2013.”

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WHO warns of drug-resistant TB crisis

There are an estimated 94,000 people living with multi-drug resistant TB (MDR TB) The WHO says that roughly one in five of those people are not receiving care.

In its latest report on the state of TB around the world, the WHO sounds the alarm on the issue of MDR TB spreading and the lack of action to address the problem. However, it is not all bad news.

“Nearly 20 years after the WHO declaration of TB as a global public health emergency, major progress has been made towards 2015 global targets set within the context of the Millennium Development Goals,” says the report.

Others are not so optimistic. ACTION’s Kolleen Bouchane recently wrote in the Huffington Post about the emerging crisis. She says progress has been sliding the past few years and the gaps are critical in terms of stopping the spread and progression of TB.

“We’ve reached a point where an ancient disease is outrunning our attempts to control it. Despite some visionary political commitments — such as recent U.S. and UK commitments to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria — ultimately, our global fight against TB is starved of political leadership and funding,” she writes.

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Most Meaningful Metric: Lives Saved

Clear metrics can be hard to come by, but there are no shortage of indicators pointing to the critical moment in which we find ourselves with respect to AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Worldwide efforts have reduced HIV incidence by 33 percent, tuberculosis deaths by more than 40 percent, and malaria deaths in Africa by 33

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Catching up with PSI/Laos

We are excited to share some new updates from the team over at PSI/LAOS. They have been quite busy introducing a new lubricant, tracing TB cases and working to eliminate stigma against people infected by HIV/AIDS. Check it out:

PSI introduces No.1 Lubricant in Laos

In collaboration with the Center for HIV/AIDS/STI and Ministry of Health, PSI launched No. 1 Lubricant, a health product that is easy and safe to use with condoms. Through social marketing of the No. 1 Lubricant and health education activities, PSI aims to promote safe sex among men who have sex with men (MSM) and female sex workers (FSW) who are at risk for HIV infection. No. 1 Lubricant is imported from overseaas and distributed by DKSH, a leading distributor of health products in Laos. The product is now available at pharmacies and minimarts.

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Small Projects, Big Results: 5 Game-Changing Ideas for Girls and Women

PSI’s team of technical experts, in consultation with health practitioners around the globe, have developed five simple ideas to deliver better health for girls and women, quickly and affordably. Lifesaving solutions to some of the most challenging health problems for girls and women already exist. But often, finding sustainable, cost-effective ways to deliver them poses

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Reaching Women with Tuberculosis Care

Tuberculosis (TB) is a leading killer of women of reproductive age, surpassing all causes of maternal mortality. Impact interviewed Dr. Lyn Vianzon, National Tuberculosis Control Program Manager with the Government of the Philippines, to learn about the country’s innovative approach to reaching women with TB services. [ba-divider style=”solid” color=”#000000″] IMPACT: Since 2000, the Philippines has

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