Revolutionizing Data for Decision-Making

In PSI’s latest issue of Pulse, our digital quarterly report, we explore how smart innovation is feeding the pipeline for tomorrow’s health interventions around the globe — from teen centered programs actually created by teens to new ways to collect and analyze critical data to inform smarter decisions. Here’s a preview: PSI has pioneered the way

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5 mHealth Solutions that Bridge the Gap between Innovative Technology and Consumer Adoption

By Minal Bopaiah A recent JAMA article examining the accuracy of wearable devices highlights an underlying problem that pervades much of the health industry: adoption. The article authors discuss how pedometers have seen low adoption by consumers, even though studies have shown that these devices do help with health goals. Yet, the wearable devices that

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Q&A: Creating a Mobile Health Platform that “Just Works” for All

A vision to end “pilotitis”, to scale mobile health solutions more efficiently and support health workers more effectively

By Oscar Abello When something “just works”, there’s usually a mini-universe of people, technology and ideas behind it that the rest of us take for granted. Take bar codes for example; they’re ubiquitous, and serve multiple uses for every stage of a product’s manufacture and eventual sale. The tale behind them is an astounding story of vision,

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What are the Best Buys in Global Health for 2014?

IMG_5641For this issue of Impact magazine, Devex, Merck for Mothers and PATH joined PSI and a team of experts to uncover some of global health’s best investments. The answers were as complicated as they were interesting.

Inspired by a Devex survey of more than 1,000 health experts working in a variety of settings around the globe, we set out to identify global health trends, as well as barriers and solutions to scaling up promising interventions.

Our research suggests that as important as new technologies are for tackling entrenched and emerging health challenges, it is even more important to strengthen health systems in the developing world and build local capacity there. After all, it’s people who implement the innovations and health systems which drive impact.


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People + Technology as a Best Investment

GIB BULLOCH, founder and global managing director of Accenture Development Partnerships, talks best buys in global health with Cate O’kane, PSI’s deputy director of Corporate Partnerships and Philanthropy. Highlights: community health workers and mhealth are at the top of his list. CO: Can you tell us about Accenture Development Partnerships and how it operates? ➤

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Let's talk about the Best Buys for Global Health


Starting today and culminating on March 19th at the Center for Global Development, we hope you’ll join a conversation along with experts from implementing agencies, governments, research institutions, and the private sector to  discuss and debate what makes a “best buy” in global health.

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