LISTEN: Women Choose Contraception to Reach Their Full Potential

The BBC World Service program Business Daily recently traveled to Mozambique to learn how PSI’s community health workers distribute Sayana Press ™ door to door, allowing women access to a choice of contraception they may not have previously had. Presenter Manuela Saragosa also interviewed Faustina Fynn-Nyame, the director of PSI’s Women’s Health Project, to discuss

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A New Contraceptive Gives Women More Power to Decide

A new type of contraceptive product – subcutaneous injectables, widely known by Pfizer’s brand name Sayana® Press – can be safely and easily administered by community health workers and through home- and self-injection where authorized. Sayana® Press has the potential to bring more options for contraception closer to consumers, giving consumers the power to decide

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There’s No Place Like Home (for Receiving Healthcare)

by Stasia Obremskey, Maverick Collective Member The toddler peaked around the corner to gaze at the strange women sitting with his mother in the unfinished room of his house. His father sat in the adjacent room watching a local soccer match on TV. The toddler went back and forth between the two rooms, as his

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Getting A New Contraception Option to Market: How Public-Private Partnerships Drive Innovation

By Minal Bopaiah, Communications Manager, PSI The modern Senegalese woman has it together. From raising children to owning a small business, ambition and poise are valued by Senegalese women, according to market research conducted by Ademas, a PSI network member, and its partners before the launch of a new contraceptive option called Sayana Press. This

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