A Bit of Fresh Air Does Cote d’Ivoire Well

By Franck Olivier Konan, Learning and Communication Manager, SSD West Africa Andokoi smells. Badly. The odor has been haunting the restaurants and businesses of this neighborhood, driving away customers. “We don’t eat where we shit,” as the Ivorian saying goes. Chief Loba, leader of Andokoi in the suburb of Yopougon, Cote d’Ivoire, knows where the smell

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From Bihar to Benin: Replicating Success to Increase Access to Sanitation

It is estimated that 2.3 billion people in the world today lack basic sanitation facilities such as toilets or latrines. Many of them have no choice but to defecate in the open, a practice that subjects women and children to shame, embarrassment and the risk of assault. The lack of access to sanitation globally contributes

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Creating a Market for Better Sanitation Services in Abidjan

By Krisila Benson In Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire’s largest city, an estimated 720,000 have poor quality septic tanks that overflow at least twice per year, exposing residents to dangerous pathogens that cause a variety of diseases. Moreover, when a septic tank reaches its capacity, the connected toilets can no longer be used, thus forcing residents to

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A Toilet Brings Hope and Dignity

In many parts of the world, when nature calls, there is simply nowhere to go. Like most people in her community, Virginie Anagonou knows all too well the  challenges of living without a toilet – and the safety and dignity it offers. The everyday act of relieving oneself becomes a test of will. “We would

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