How to Transform Sanitation Access for Women and Girls in Vietnam

By Alena Sims, Communications Associate, MCSD, PSI In rural Vietnam, 30% of families lack access to sanitation facilities that meet basic hygiene standards. The lack of access to sanitation disproportionately affects women and girls, who face numerous adverse health effects and safety risks as a result. To address this issue, PSI Vietnam, with support from

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PSI Markets an Easy, DIY Vaccine Against Diarrheal Disease in Vietnam

By Noha Zeitoun, Content Intern, PSI Imagine a cost effective “do it yourself vaccine” that can protect millions against infections saving countless lives. Well, we already have it — handwashing with soap. However, despite an easy solution, barriers exist to getting individuals to wash their hands with soap. In some places, soap is not easily

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Healthy Dose July 6, 2011

Top Story Somalia Drought Causing ‘Unprecedented’ Levels of Malnutrition The Horn of Africa is beset by the worst drought in 60 years. Al Jazeera reports why this has the UN very worried. Somalis who have fled drought and civil war to neighbouring Ethiopia and Kenya are showing “unprecedented levels” of malnutrition, and some children have

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