Delivering Birth Spacing Services to Somaliland’s Doorstep

By Corinne White, Program Coordinator, East Africa, PSI In Somaliland, “Kala-koriye” is all PSI community health workers have to say to be recognized when conducting home visits to discuss birth spacing options. This Somalilander term for birth spacing is synonymous with PSI’s delicate work around this sensitive issue. “Some of our workers have faced a

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Unilever’s Project Sunlight Is a Solid Approach at Corporate Social Responsibility

By C. Montague Hermann, Social Marketing TA; PSI/Somaliland

It is very difficult to create a corporate social responsibility (CSR) platform that feels genuine. Unilever, one of the world’s largest producers of consumer packaged goods, has recently launched its Project Sunrise and struggles with this very issue. The core of the campaign is to draw attention to global issues of sustainability, such as protecting the environment, improving the quality of nutrition for millions of children, and providing safe drinking water to millions of people around the world.

To do that, Unilever is trying to link these “big world issues” with the way they are changing the production and sourcing of their products, in addition to the commitments they have made to helping solve some of these big world issues. As Marc Mathieu, SVP of Marketing at Unilever puts it:

People find it hard to engage with big global issues like climate change, but if we can help people relate ‘the big world issues’ to the everyday lives of their children and families, we think that people will see the possibilities in the small changes that they can make towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

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