The Power of Meaningful Partnership

Standing Together Against GBV

By Marina Hilaire-Bartlett, Executive Director, PSI Caribbean It is a warm, rainy day in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. Dionne Guischard sits expectantly at her desk, earphones plugged in, and fashionably attired with her leopard print spectacles and popping purple lipstick. She is framed in the Skype background by vertical brown blinds, which contrast with her brightly colored

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Indrani Goradia

Bringing PSI to TEDx

By PSI/Caribbean (PSI-C), PSI Network Partner TEDx has announced PSI’s partner, philanthropist Indrani Goradia will be featured as a speaker for this year’s conference in Port of Spain Trinidad this fall. The theme this year is ‘Off Record’ — conversations that are necessary, but often ignored because we are too afraid to discuss due to its sensitive nature.

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Jamaica Dominates in the “Live Up I Like Myself” Caribbean Radio Contest

The following post comes from the PSI Caribbean team.

On June 18th, 2013, PSI Caribbean and The Caribbean Broadcast Media Partnership on HIV/AIDS, launched a regional radio contest encouraging the Caribbean youth to submit songs that have messages to combat the HIV/AIDS infection and stigma across the reason.

The contest drew attention from the following countries: Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, St.Vincent & the Grenadines, St. Lucia and Suriname with a total of 27 entries.

The winner? The Jamaica Youth Theater crew (see video above)

The Jamaica Youth Theatre is a group of talented young people ranging from the age of 13 to 20 years old. These youth are recruited from several secondary schools all over Jamaica, each with a burning passion for theatre. The Jamaican Youth Theatre was formed in 2004 as the performing arm of the Schools’ Drama Festival of Jamaica.

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Getting to Four: Strengthening Partnership to Provide 4+ Family Planning Methods in the Caribbean


By PSI/Caribbean

Leana is a 16 year-old high school student living in Port of Spain, Trinidad. She is very trendy, and likes to go to out to bars with her friends. She has an older boyfriend Shaka that drives a small bus. Last Saturday, at one of her favorite bars, Leana ran into a girl, Kiara, who grew up in her neighborhood. Kiara talked to Leana and her friends about safe sex and condom use, and did some activities with them.

Leana enjoyed the activities, but didn’t think much about them until later, when her friend Narissa told her that she had gone with Kiara to a clinic to get tested for STIs. Narissa suggested to Leana that she should get tested too. Leana was a bit hesitant to get tested, but when she ran into Kiara at a party a few weeks later, she asked her about getting tested for STIs. Kiara encouraged her to get tested and said that she could take her to the clinic. Kiara even gave her a referral card that she could use at the clinic to access the services for free. Today, Leana and Kiara are going to the clinic together, this is Leana’s first time accessing sexual and reproductive health services.

Leana, Kiara, Narissa and Shaka are all fictional characters, but their story is real. PSI Caribbean (PSI/C), with funding from the German Development Bank (KfW), works with partnering clinics and Behavior Change Communication (BCC) educators to ensure that at-risk populations across the Caribbean, have access to at least four family planning methods, as well as access to other sexual reproductive health services, such as cervical and breast cancer screening.

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