Trump’s Policy Threatens Reproductive Rights of the Global Poor

The article below original appeared on The Life You Can Save’s blog.  The Life You Can Save‘s mission is to improve the lives of people living in extreme poverty and to promote the concept of effective giving. The Life You Can Save believes that everyone should live free from preventable diseases such as malaria or

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When She Decides, It Changes Everything.

By Marshall Stowell, VP External Relations and Communications, PSI For almost 50 years, PSI has empowered women in the developing world to take control of their reproductive and sexual health, choosing when and if to start a family and how many children to have. In 2015, we helped nearly 4 million women avoid unintended pregnancy.

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UNFPA On the Congressional Chopping Block

As the US congress faces a looming budget deadline, much has been discussed about the originally proposed HR 1 which would have ended funding for programs like NPR, AmeriCorps, USAID and Planned Parenthood. While all important to note, Amanda Terkel writes in the Huffington Post that one program on the chopping block deserves more attention.

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