World’s Largest HIV Self-Testing Initiative Expands in Critical New Phase

PARIS, 24 July 2017 – Three out of every 10 people living with HIV do not know they are infected with the virus. The HIV Self-Testing Africa (STAR) Initiative, funded by Unitaid, has amassed compelling evidence that self-testing can reach more people than traditional diagnostics, enabling individuals to learn their HIV status when and where

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Hitting the Reset Button with HIV

By Nina Hasen, Director of HIV and Tuberculosis, PSI As we mark World AIDS Day, I’m reviewing the seismic progress in the HIV landscape over the last 10 years: Enormous growth of treatment Continuing reductions in mother-to-child transmission of the virus Drops in incidence across the globe. In 2005, HIV was a death sentence for

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UNITAID and PSI Partner to Expand Access to HIV Self-Testing

Globally, there are an estimated 19 million people who do not know they are living with HIV. Without knowledge of their status, individuals cannot access life-saving HIV care and treatment. To close this gap, UNITAID is investing $23 million to accelerate access to HIV testing through simple HIV self-tests in three high-burden African countries over

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