We the People: How to #GiveBig4Girls

By Colleen Gregerson, VP, Corporate Partnerships & Philanthropy, PSI Millions of people took to the streets in an estimated 60 countries around world last weekend to stand up for women’s rights.  It was both an empowering and sobering moment:  on the one hand it was an incredible show of civic action and demonstration of “what

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An Impactful Way to Donate $29.70

Donors should be able to measure the impact of their gift. To that end, we use the Disability Adjusted Life Year (DALY) model to quantify the effectiveness of our interventions in each of the 69 countries in which we operate. A DALY is equivalent to a year of healthy life lost due to a health condition. Using the DALY model, which is a gold standard in the public health community, we have calculated that it costs PSI $29.70 to provide a person with a full year of healthy life — a year free from debilitating diseases including HIV, malaria, diarrhea and tuberculosis.

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