Partnership in Practice

PSI’s 2016 Corporate Partnerships Report

Partners & Friends, For almost 50 years PSI has been making markets work to ensure Sara, our consumer, can access the products and services she needs to live a healthier life. In 2016, together with our partners, we continued to improve the health of Saras around the world by strengthening health systems that provide quality

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Swiping Right on Corporate Partnerships

By Emilee Kaufman, Associate Manager, Corporate Partnerships & Philanthropy at PSI This article was recently published on “When is it your turn?” My aunt elbows me with a hopeful expression during another Say Yes To The Dress marathon. “So are you dating?” All eyes turn to me over the Thanksgiving feast. If you’re single like me,

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Corporate Partnership for Development

What is Business Doing for Her?

By Cate O’Kane, Director of Corporate Partnerships and Philanthropy, PSI To achieve the financial and social impact needed for change, disruptive business models have to be developed. There are new ways of working with partners, who were once seen as odd bedfellows for the social sector, including concepts that embrace market forces. At PSI, our

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A Year in Review: Corporate Partnerships Impact Report 2015

Since 1970, PSI has helped our consumer, Sara and her family, live a healthier life. Today over 9,000 PSI employees work across nearly 60 countries to make it easier for Sara to be healthy, and plan the family she desires, by marketing affordable products and services. Now, the era of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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Fortune 500 Salutes PSI’s Corporate Partners

By Jenny Tolep, External Relations & Communications Fresh off the press — Fortune magazine just released the 2015 Fortune 500 list of top corporate companies and seven of PSI’s corporate partners made the list. Like all of PSI’s corporate partners, these companies are addressing global development challenges in ways that harness their core business skills

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Tampax, Toilets and Shark Tanks

Inspired by the ABC reality TV show Shark Tank, PSI’s corporate partnerships team recently conducted its own version of the contest. Teams of PSI staffers presented five ideas to three judges, Sumathi Balasubramanian, senior manager, initiatives for girls and women, PSI; Marcie Cook, senior regional director, Asia and Eastern Europe, PSI; and Adeeb Mahmud, director, FSG. The

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