Flashback: Condoms, Comedy and Trevor Noah

By Maria Dieter, Communications Assistant, PSI “Why do our condoms sound like vuvuzelas?” In 2014, that’s what South Africans were asking when their government-issued condoms weren’t making the grade. And how can condoms prevent HIV if no one wants to use them? Let’s flash back to September 2016, when comedian Trevor Noah explained how the South African

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Kuwa True

PSI Tanzania Tells All on New Kuwa Original Campaign!

By C. Montague Hermann, PSI Social Marketing Technical Advisor PSI Social Marketing Technical Advisor C. Montague Hermann regularly writes about news and his opinion on what’s happening in the condom business in East Africa and beyond for his blog, Condom Collective. Read below as Hermann updates us on the Kuwa True campaign since the blog post about

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Safer Sex

Making Safer Sex a Profitable Enterprise

In PSI’s latest issue of Pulse, our digital quarterly report, we explore how smart innovation is feeding the pipeline for tomorrow’s health interventions around the globe — from teen centered programs actually created by teens to new ways to collect and analyze critical data to inform smarter decisions. Here’s a preview: PSI’s Lovers+ and Trust brands of condoms and lubricant have

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True Condoms

New Trust “Kuwa True” Campaign goes Live

By C. Montague Hermann, PSI Social Marketing Technical Advisor PSI Social Marketing Technical Advisor C. Montague Hermann regularly writes about news and his opinion on what’s happening in the condom business in East Africa and beyond for his blog, Condom Collective, where this piece originally ran. Despite a storied history of championing condoms in Kenya,

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3 Innovative Ways to Use Family Planning Products to Encourage Healthy Behaviors

By Minal Bopaiah, Communications Manager, PSI Sometimes art can be the best form of advocacy. PSI loves engaging in creative social marketing. So we are completely inspired by the artists and activists who use family planning products in original ways to send a message. For example, OB/Gyn and jewelry-maker Virginia Smith has designed a line

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Making Safe Sex Fun on April Fools’ Day

By Regina Moore, Manager, External Relations, PSI On April 1, 2014 thousands of South Africans grabbed their morning paper or switched on the radio news to hear of a new sex tax imposed by the government. After a recently conducted study showed over-population as the driver for many of the country’s challenges, the new law,

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PSI’s Project Runway: Our Hottest Condom Couture

By Regina Moore, PSI On World AIDS Day, what better way to get people’s attention than some show stopping, condom-themed fashion? The designs will certainly turn heads, but more than that they allow people to talk openly about condoms and healthy behaviors. Today  we both celebrate the progress that the world has made against HIV and

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Banned Condom Ads in Tanzania: Have You Seen Them?

The city of Sydney, Australia, experienced a little — or perhaps giant — condom-related controversy earlier this month when an HIV-awareness organization installed an 18-meter tall pink prophylactic in Hyde Park. Displays like these, often designed to provoke, offer awareness and education. And since it’s the hands-on products that men use that will ultimately save

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Condoms in the office

Geeking out on Global Development

Five surprises from a day with PSI

Editor’s note: Earlier this year, PSI held a contest for an all-expense paid trip to Washington to spend a day with staff and field experts, learning about the organization’s work and its approaches to solving some of the world’s most health pressing problems. by Jennifer Iacovelli Barbour I recently had the honor of visiting a

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Catching up with PSI/Laos

We are excited to share some new updates from the team over at PSI/LAOS. They have been quite busy introducing a new lubricant, tracing TB cases and working to eliminate stigma against people infected by HIV/AIDS. Check it out:

PSI introduces No.1 Lubricant in Laos

In collaboration with the Center for HIV/AIDS/STI and Ministry of Health, PSI launched No. 1 Lubricant, a health product that is easy and safe to use with condoms. Through social marketing of the No. 1 Lubricant and health education activities, PSI aims to promote safe sex among men who have sex with men (MSM) and female sex workers (FSW) who are at risk for HIV infection. No. 1 Lubricant is imported from overseaas and distributed by DKSH, a leading distributor of health products in Laos. The product is now available at pharmacies and minimarts.

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Catching Up with PSI Laos

UntitledA part of our goal is to keep you up to date on the latest happenings around the global health world. Here are a few quick stories and happenings from the PSI Laos office.

PSI Finds 136 TB Cases in 2012

With support from the National Tuberculosis Center and Ministry of Health, PSI Laos detected 136 new TB cases in 2012 thorough its Sun Quality Health network of franchised private sector clinics, mobile education activities, and peer education. PSI also mobilizes pharmacists to refer clients presenting with key TB symptoms to SQH for TB screening, which contributed close to a third of new cases last year. These achievements support the Lao government’s aim to detect more TB cases and achieve MDG 6.

In efforts to increase TB case detection, PSI Laos also worked with the NTC to train 97 private sector providers. The training were held at the provincial level with the goal of strengthening the private sector to detect and treat TB in 12 target provinces.

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