There’s No Place Like Home (for Receiving Healthcare)

by Stasia Obremskey, Maverick Collective Member The toddler peaked around the corner to gaze at the strange women sitting with his mother in the unfinished room of his house. His father sat in the adjacent room watching a local soccer match on TV. The toddler went back and forth between the two rooms, as his

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Giving Thanks to Individuals Working for Universal Health Access

By Noha Zeitoun, Content Intern, PSI As many in the US give thanks this week, we at PSI wanted to thank the individuals who advocate for and educate their communities and vulnerable populations. Community health workers and peer educators are on the frontlines every day, supporting the work PSI does to makes it easier for

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Throwback Thursday: Ensuring a Healthy and Safe Delivery

During the Taliban rule – when women were barred from school – the once female-dominated health workforce was depleted, leaving only 467 practicing midwives and one midwifery school for a country of 22 million people. After the fall of the Taliban in 2002, Jhpiego, in partnership with the Afghan government and with funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development, led the development of a community-based national midwifery education system.

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Mali: How Community Health Workers Save Lives

Mali has been all over the news lately due to political instability, violence in the north and hunger caused by a drought that is impacting countries across the Sahel. UNICEF shares a documentary that tells a different story about Mali. Recorded last year, short documents how community health workers are helping to reduce rate of child mortality in the country.

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