Voice Your Concerns Over the “Skinny Budget”

By Marshall Stowell, Vice President, External Relations & Communications, PSI Over the past decade, with the help of US foreign assistance, we have seen major gains in health for developing countries.  Yet, last week, the Trump Administration released an initial budget proposal that includes deep cuts in the International Affairs Budget, which funds the U.S.

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5 Potential Impacts of Sequestration on International Global Health NGOs

Today is the deadline after which automatic, across-the-board spending cuts to US government agencies known as sequestration take effect. Unless there is a last minute deal between the leadership in the US Congress and President Obama, some automatic US Government funding cuts will come into force today.

Sequestration would reduce total funding by $85 billion until September 30, 2013, the end of the fiscal year (FY13). By percentage, this would affect non-defense discretionary funding by about 5%, affecting the International Affairs or “Function 150” account which funds USAID, CDC and other key US agencies. Defense discretionary funding would be reduced by about 8%.

Though difficult to estimate in an uncertain funding environment, these sequestration cuts could have drastic and lasting effects on global health efforts. In the House Appropriations Committee Democrats’ “Report on Sequestration”, estimated global health cuts could:

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