Infographic: Getting the Best Value from Social Investments

Achieving universal health coverage calls for innovative and sustainable solutions to some of the development’s most vexing problems. At PSI, delivering cost-efficient impact for our clients and partners is at the center of our work.

So, how do we do this?

Take a look at PSI/Vietnam, a PSI country program that generates value for money through social investments. Believing in a future where all Vietnamese will have the power to make healthy choices, PSI/Vietnam works with partners to make a direct impact across the country from the ground up.

Here are several examples of on-the-ground impact made by PSI/Vietnam across the country in 2017:

  • Distributed 5.2 million low dead-space syringes to prevent hepatitis C & HIV/AIDS among people who inject drugs
  • Diagnosed 185 malaria cases
  • Sold 1,898 septic tanks to increase rural sanitation coverage
  • Screened 214,649 clients for hypertension

Using principles of cost-effectiveness, financial management and risk reduction, PSI delivers impact for our partners and our consumers.

Check out the infographic below to learn more.

Banner photo: (c) Population Services International / Photographer: Jake Lyell