PSI Ambassador Debra Messing Promotes AIDS Awareness and Treatment

Last week, PSI Global Ambassador and actress Debra Messing visited Washington, DC, to lend her voice to the growing call to end the AIDS epidemic and help fund programs that address the increased risk of HIV infections in women and girls in developing countries.

Ms. Messing first spoke at the State Department on Monday. She was joined by Ambassador Deborah Birx, MD, U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator and Special Representative for Global Health Diplomacy, Ms. Pamela Scott, Founding Member of the Maverick Collective and Human Centered Design expert, and Ms. Jacquelyne Alesi, Programmes Director for the Uganda Network for Young People Living with HIV/AIDS.

Ms. Messing also spoke at the State of Women Summit at the White House, addressing HIV/AIDS in women and girls in both the United States and abroad. She then headed to Devex World, where she gave a talk on the power of storytelling in movement building.

Finally, Ms. Messing stopped at the PSI headquarters to meet some of the many people working to help create a world without AIDS. “In my professional life I have seen how the power of narrative can change minds, hearts, and even help move policy,” she said.

“As I’ve traveled with PSI, I’ve learned that I have a unique responsibility to not speak FOR ‘her,’ but rather to share her sense of agency, and celebrate what she is capable of. To speak of her as a person, not as a disease. To dispel divisive language that separates us as people, like US and THEM.”

Check out some of the photos from her trip. Then make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook as Debra heads to Malawi next week with PSI and UNITAID to better understand how innovations like HIV Self-testing and programs like PEPFAR’s DREAMS will help us prevent, diagnosis and treat HIV.

(From left to right): Ambassador Deborah Birx, U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator and Special Representative for Global Health Diplomacy; Debra Messing, PSI Global Ambassador and Actress; Jacquelyne Alesi, Executive Director, Uganda Network of Young People Living with HIV & AIDS; Pam Scott, Human-Centered Design Expert and Founding Member of Maverick Collective.

PSI Ambassador Debra Messing interviews with NBC.

PSI Ambassador Debra Messing and PSI Vice President Marshall Stowell partake in questions and answers at PSI’s Washington, DC headquarters.
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