Worth a Follow: Merck for Mothers

By Etiti Ayeni, Digital Marketing Consultant, PSI

PSI likes to give shout-outs to our partners, peer organizations, and global health influencers working everyday to make good health a reality for men, women and children around the world. One of our partners, Merck for Mothers, promotes the health and well-being of mothers through private sector quality, accessibility and affordability of maternal healthcare.

Working to improve the health of mothers in some of the world’s poorest and hardest to reach communities, we think that Merck for Mothers is an initiative worth following. Read a short compelling story about a health care provider and clinic owner whose impactful work with Ugandan mothers shows how Merck for Mothers is improving maternal health:

Upon suffering a miscarriage during her first pregnancy, Faridah Nabuye instinctively reached out to Mama Angel, a private midwife at the local ProFam clinic. ProFam is a social franchise operated by PSI’s network member in Uganda, PACE, with support from Merck for Mothers, Merck’s 10-year, $500-million initiative to end preventable maternal mortality. “Mama Angel supported me during the miscarriage,” Faridah explains, “then after nine months, I conceived again…[and] from that baby to this baby, there has been no problem when giving birth,” she adds with a smile.

By supporting programs like this, Merck for Mothers empowers superstars like Mama Angel with the tools and expertise to thrive as leaders in their communities and provide excellent care to mothers.

Merck for Mothers 1

Today, four years into the program, Merck for Mothers is collaborating with over 75 partners in 30 countries, with the most intensive projects in India, Uganda, Senegal, Zambia and the U.S. Through its national and international programs, the initiative has improved access to quality maternal healthcare and family planning services for over 5 million women worldwide.

Watch this video to hear Mama Angel’s story firsthand:


Want to learn more about Merck for Mothers? They’ve just launched a blog where you can get updates on the program.

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