Telling Our Nutrition Story through the Eyes of the Beneficiaries

By Mathias Pollock, Technical Advisor Malaria and Child Survival, PSI

In 2013, PSI Madagascar and UNICEF began implementing a two-year pilot project to introduce Zaza Tomady, a micronutrient powder (MNP), through its Top Réseau social franchise clinics and the community health workers associated with them. MNP’s are packets containing essential vitamins and minerals that can be sprinkled onto food to fortify a child’s diet on a daily basis.

In December 2015, a group of 15 Malagasy parents and medical practitioners who had been part of the pilot were given cameras and asked to tell the story of nutrition in their own community. Using this innovative participatory research tool, PSI Madagascar and UNICEF were able to learn more about the impact the project had on different communities through the eyes of parents and health providers. The project gave the parents and providers assets to strengthen their own advocacy surrounding nutrition.

Check out some of the photographs that document both the challenges of child malnutrition and the promising impact of micronutrient fortification.

Stay tuned for a full video narrative of the project set to be released next month.

Mother with children

Photo(s): Courtesy of PSI