Expressing Love with Violence is a Lie

By Etiti Ayeni, Digital Marketing Consultant, PSI

“The greatest public health threat facing us today is violence against women and girls,” explained PSI partner, philanthropist and advocate Indrani Goradia at TEDx Port of Spain in October. The theme at this year’s TEDx Port of Spain was Off Record — highlighting conversations that are taboo, but necessary. Indrani, a native Trinidadian and founder of the gender-based violence prevention and treatment program Indrani’s Light Foundation, is a survivor of violence herself. During her talk, she recounted experiences of abuse in her childhood home and displayed ordinary household items, which in the hands of an abuser, become deadly weapons.

By sharing her stories and uncovering the lies that condone normalized violence against society’s most vulnerable, Indrani bravely sheds light on a condition plaguing women and children around the world. Through her work with PSI on behalf of survivors of gender-based violence in Trinidad & Tobago, as well as India, she is engaging men and boys in the conversation and empowering women to find health, education and economic solutions.

Click below to watch Indrani’s TED talk.

Indrani vid for the five