Ahead of #GoodGiving, Catch Up on Your Effective Altruism Knowledge!

By Noha Zeitoun, Content Intern, PSI

By now, you’ve probably heard of Peter Singer and the term effective altruism, but perhaps the specifics of what the movement entails and how the average person can contribute are still fuzzy. Ahead of PSI’s joint event with Giving What We Can – DC, The Most Good You Can Do: A Conversation with Peter Singer, here’s a curated smattering of articles and videos that will get you up to speed, including Peter’s TED talk and Colbert Report appearance:

PS – If you’re in Washington, D.C. join us on Friday November 13, 2015 to hear more about #GoodGiving from Peter Singer himself, joined by Actress, Singer-Songwriter and PSI Global Ambassador Mandy Moore.

“Much like being an informed consumer, effective altruism relies upon making informed donations to effective charities.” 

Peter Singer on Making Charity Smarter, Innovation Hub

“The growing community encourages people to give big chunks of their income, typically around ten percent but in some cases more than half, to charities that alleviate global poverty.” 

Young, smart and want to save lives? Become a banker, says philosopher, Thomson Reuters Foundation

“Singer wants them to consider why Americans and other privileged citizens of affluent countries show so little generosity towards those who have so much less. Why we don’t we give more? What gets in our way, and what would it take for us to overcome that?” 

Giving 101: The Princeton Class That Teaches Students to Be Less Selfish, The Atlantic


Peter Singer on the Ethics of Giving

“What’s the least somebody can do to seem like a decent person?” Stephen Colbert asks. Watch to find out Peter Singer’s answer to this question –and more– on the Colbert Report.”


Peter Singer’s Ted Talk: The why and how of effective altruism

The Life You Can Save in 3 Minutes

Based on Peter Singer’s philosophy espoused in a book of the same name, The Life You Can Save organization was founded as an advocacy and educational outreach organization to raise awareness for the more than one billion men, women, and children who live in extreme poverty. Each year the group publishes a list of the world’s best charities that aid the global poor. Each of their 16 recommended charities, including PSI has a demonstrated record of effectively combating the causes and the symptoms of global poverty.