Teens Supporting Teens for Better Sexual Health in Malawi

In PSI’s latest issue of Pulse, our digital quarterly report, we explore how smart innovation is feeding the pipeline for tomorrow’s health interventions around the globe — from teen centered programs actually created by teens to new ways to collect and analyze critical data to inform smarter decisions.

Here’s a preview:

How do you reach 10-24 year olds with information and services for their sexual and reproductive needs? What will they relate to and actually use? PSI Malawi went directly to the source by creating a youth advisory board. The group oversees PSI Malawi’s efforts to reach youth, making sure that programs resonate with their audience. Also, through its Tunza Family Health Network of franchised health centers, PSI Malawi and  many of the youth they work with train healthcare providers to deliver youth-friendly services. The environments they create make discussing health decisions and receiving critical services more comfortable.

2,163 young people received youth-friendly health services through the Tunza Family Health Network in Malawi from June 2014-March 2015.


Outside the health centers, PSI Malawi runs a program called YouthAlert!, which addresses under-discussed and often taboo topics to help young people make informed choices on sex, relationships and contraception. It includes a popular radio show, which offers information about these tough subjects in an edgy way. Radio listening clubs, discussion groups and other outreach efforts within YouthAlert! direct people to the youth-friendly services of the Tunza Family Health Network.

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