Bringing PSI to TEDx

TEDx has announced PSI’s partner, philanthropist Indrani Goradia will be featured as a speaker for this year’s conference in Port of Spain Trinidad this fall.

The theme this year is ‘Off Record’ — conversations that are necessary, but often ignored because we are too afraid to discuss due to its sensitive nature. In other words, conversations that are considered ‘taboo.’ Gender-based violence is a serious issue globally and in Trinidad, the country in which Indrani was born. The cases of reported violence against girls and women continue to stagger.

Interpersonal violence (including gender-based violence and rape) ranks fifth out of 44 disease areas, accounting for 5.4 percent of the total years of lives lost due to premature deaths – demonstrating the extent to which gender based violence is a public health issue.

Indrani recently traveled home to Trinidad with actress, singer-songwriter and humanitarian Mandy Moore to support the development of our network partner PSI Caribbean’s gender-based violence (GBV) prevention initiative “Make It Stop,” which was launched in May 2015. Her TEDx talk will inspire and enlighten us on transforming attitudes and shifting behaviour in an effort to eliminate GBV. She will also be traveling to India in early September with Mandy, a PSI ambassador, to bring further attention to this important subject.

Indrani completed her formal education at Queens College and Kent State University in New York City. She is an author, speaker and certified life coach and most recently was invited to the World Women’s High Level Development Forum on Women’s Health & Development where she addressed the United Nations on eradicating gender-based violence internationally. She was also invited to give the keynote address at the PSI 2015 Latin America and Caribbean Regional Retreat.

As a victim of violence in her childhood, it has driven her to work tirelessly to help others understand its devastating effects and lead empowerment training for girls and women in several countries around the world.

She is a philanthropist, triathlete, marathoner and most of all a proud mother and wife.

Indrani is scheduled to speak at TEDx Port of Spain on Wednesday, October 14. For more information on the event, visit the TEDxPortofSpain website.

Get more info on Indrani’s Light Foundation:

Indrani Goradia

Photo Credit: TEDx Port of Spain

This post was updated October 9, 2015.