What Skills will Development Professionals Need in the 21st Century?

By Minal Bopaiah, Communications Manager, PSI

What skills do you most value as a development professional? Consensus building? Resourcefulness? Marketing prowess?

In order to alleviate poverty in the 21st century, global development needs to innovate to be more impactful. Like most other fields, that means there’s likely to be significant changes in how things get done in our increasingly globalized, digital, and consumer-based society.

That’s why PSI is teaming up with Devex and USAID to survey development professionals on what prospective skills they think will need to thrive as the development landscape evolves and changes.

When surveying recruiters, Devex previously found that African nations will have the largest job growth for development professionals. In addition, employers are finding it hard to staff positions in fragile states.

But what skills will you need to work in these environments successfully? An understanding of mobile technologies in a digital economy? How about using new media and storytelling? Will you need to be an expert on how to use big data or crowdsourcing?

Some of our favorite burgeoning tools here at PSI include:

What are the skills, paradigms and tools you think the 21st century development professional will need? Let your voice be heard by taking Devex’s survey today!