Sunny Smiles in Myanmar

Photo of the Week

By Jenny Tolep

Eager to squeeze into a photo, a group of children wait outside a local health clinic outside of Yangon, Myanmar. This clinic is part of PSI/Myanmar’s Sun Quality Health network of franchised health centers which provides quality services and products to low income communities.

In Myanmar, and many developing countries, people rely heavily on the private sector for their health care. This includes locally-owned hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, kiosks and other profit-driven outlets. In many of these places, however, the private sector is unregulated, leading to varying quality and prices. Social franchises, like Sun Quality Health in Myanmar, address this by providing the high quality and affordable services people need.

Sun Quality Health is one of the largest private healthcare systems in Myanmar and a reliable brand that clients recognize and trust. There are currently 3,800 franchise members providing care for patients diagnosed with malaria, pneumonia and sexually transmitted diseases, in addition to family planning services. With a growing franchise network and country-wide health improvements, Myanmar is one of many countries on its way to the developed world, ultimately improving the quality of life for its people.

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Photo credit: Regina Moore.