Lindsey Graham on #WhyForeignAid

There are some excellent quotes in this McClatchy story about how Senator Lindsey Graham is pushing his fellow Republicans to spare foreign aid in their quest to cut America’s budget deficit.

“It is a tough sell, but you can be pennywise and pound-foolish,” Graham, a Republican from Seneca in his second term, told McClatchy.

“This movement to kind of withdraw from the world is not a viable option,” Graham said. “I advocate military engagement when I think it’s necessary, but really you can get more bang for your buck from civilian programs than you can from military engagement most of the time. You’ve got to have more options than just dropping bombs on people.”


Graham’s difficulties go beyond the country’s economic woes and the government’s budget pressures. He’s facing an insurrection within his own party, starting with some of its White House contenders.

Even though the $53.3 billion appropriations bill Graham oversees – mainly for State Department operations and assistance to other governments – is a tiny fraction of the $3.6 trillion in federal spending, GOP candidates at the presidential debate in Las Vegas last week took turns bashing foreign aid…

“I’m very concerned about the direction my party is taking,” Graham said last month at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington. “I’m a Ronald Reagan Republican. I would like to shape worldly events rather than watch the world fall apart. That means you have to be engaged.”

Well said!