Taking care of Sara

By Jennifer Abrevaya, Sr. Manager, Customer Feedback and Response at Merck

In our first days at PSI, our team worked to absorb as much information as we could.  Mary, our PSI project manager, put together a great onboarding that helped us learn about PSI’s work directly from their subject matter experts.  We spent the first two weeks learning about PSI’s products and services for family planning, safe water, malaria prevention, and much more…  all geared towards a woman we learned about named Sara.

In the world of Customer Experience (my main focus at Merck), a person such as Sara is a really powerful tool for connecting with your customer.   A persona is an archetype of one of an organization’s key customers that helps bring the customer to life – it takes you beyond basic demographic and purchasing data, and instead creates a vivid portrait that makes the archetype feel like a real person.  It helps in making customer-focused decisions, because you see the world through that customer’s eyes instead of your own.

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Why "Partnerships" Were All the Buzz at Women Deliver

This is a special guest post from Jill Filipovic

Does the private sector have a role improving health systems? According to some participants at this year’s Women Deliver conference on maternal health, absolutely.

The conference, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, brought together thousands of health care providers, advocates, politicians, journalists, activists and human rights workers to discuss the challenges, victories and potential solutions in the maternal health field. One of those solutions: Private sector involvement.

Most people who work in the maternal health field are there for one reason, said Jennifer Pope, Director of Support for International Family Planning Organisation at PSI, in a Women Deliver panel on the private sector and health care. They’re working for “Sara.”

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