TPW Members Create Change Through the Maverick Collective

Several members of The Philanthropy Workshop network are founding members of Maverick Collective, an initiative of Population Services International (PSI) in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Each of the members has partnered with PSI to conceptualize and fund a health project in the developing world. Maverick Collective members bring their intellectual and financial capital to address

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Progress Under Foreign Assistance Cuts

Can private philanthropy rescue innovation?

By Colleen Gregerson, Managing Director, Maverick Collective/PSI The President’s 2018 budget to Congress proposed a 28.5% reduction in funding to the foreign aid. The impact of such cuts will result in lives lost, security compromised and reduced diplomatic clout. I am also worried about the impact on innovation. When sequestration took hold in the U.S.

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For the Greatest Social Return on Investment, Look to Women’s Health

By Meghan Ball, Associate Program Manager for Maverick Collective, PSI The excerpt below originally appeared in Philanthropy Impact Magazine. To read the full article, click here. Women and girls have finally arrived. After years in the making, women’s issues exploded onto the scene in 2016, inundating Twitter feeds, newspaper headlines and even presidential elections. Look

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Between Life and Death: Being Pregnant in Rural Africa

By Diane Powell, Clinical Social Worker, Philanthropist and Founding Member of Maverick Collective Diane Powell is a member of Maverick Collective, an initiative of PSI. Maverick Collective members partner on PSI programs to tackle critical challenges faced by women and girls across the globe, developing innovative projects and game-changing interventions. Members work shoulder to shoulder

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Crown Princess Mette-Marit

7 Questions with Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway

At Women Deliver, Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway will introduce the Maverick Collective, an initiative she co-chairs with Melinda Gates to empower philanthropists to become advocates for girls and women. Here, she shares why she’s a long-time advocate and how she expects this new model of philanthropy to disrupt global health.

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Maverick Collective Ignites a New Model of Engagement

By Marshall Stowell, Vice President, PSI and Editor-in-Chief, Impact magazine “When Bill and I started our foundation 15 years ago, we pretty much thought in terms of grant-making, period,” says Melinda Gates, co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and co-chair of
the newly launched Maverick Collective. “We learned our lesson fast. Making change is

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Put the Survivor at the Center of Her Solution

As part of PSI’s series for 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, philanthropist and advisor Barbara Jones explains the vital role listening and empathy play in designing solutions for survivors of GBV.

By Barbara Jones, philanthropist and civic leader I’m partnering with PSI to tackle the scourge of gender-based violence that has too long plagued the women of Myanmar. After decades of military rule, the country is finally coming out of the shadows. With the recent elections, there is a lot of hope and optimism about the

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Women Standing for Women to End Gender-Based Violence

As part of PSI’s series for 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, philanthropist and entrepreneur Marcia Cardamore explains what role philanthropists must play.

By Marcia Cardamore, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur Am I a new kind of philanthropist? Probably not. But I am part of a zeitgeist of women who are empowered with a sense of agency, purpose, significant resources and talent, willing to take risks and make big commitments to address the rising tide of violence against women and girls.

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Ahead of #GoodGiving, Catch Up on Your Effective Altruism Knowledge!

By Noha Zeitoun, Content Intern, PSI By now, you’ve probably heard of Peter Singer and the term effective altruism, but perhaps the specifics of what the movement entails and how the average person can contribute are still fuzzy. Ahead of PSI’s joint event with Giving What We Can – DC, The Most Good You Can

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How Effective Altruism and #GoodGiving can Alleviate Poverty

By D’Arcy Williams, Intern, External Relations and Communications Tyler John and Chris Byrd are the President and Vice-President, respectively, of Giving What We Can: DC (GWWC: DC). Ahead of GWWC-DC and PSI’s joint event, The Most Good You Can Do: A Conversation with Peter Singer, John and Byrd discuss the effective altruist movement and how

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Mandy Moore on Effective Altruism: It’s Time to Give with Your Head


The holidays are still a couple months away, and this year I’m thinking differently about my charitable giving. To my friends and my family, I give with my heart. But to make the most of the gifts I give to those who truly need them — I’ll be giving with my head. This past spring,

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Eight Questions for Melinda Gates

By Sara Ojjeh, Editor-In-Chief, PhilanthropyNYU; PSI NextGen Ambassador About the Author: Sara Ojjeh is a dedicated philanthropist with special interests in international development, global health and education, and human rights. She was a Director at the Swiss Philanthropy Fund, a non-profit that helps women and children across the world live better lives, support themselves, get an

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