PSI and Pfizer Partner to Address Hypertension in Vietnam and Myanmar

WASHINGTON, DC. April 20, 2017. The international nonprofit organization Population Services International (PSI) and the biopharmaceutical company Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE) today announced Healthy Communities, a US $1 million collaboration to expand access to life-saving hypertension medicines and treatment services in Myanmar and Vietnam. Approximately one-quarter of all adults in Myanmar and Vietnam have hypertension, which

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Listening to Young Ugandans Reveals 4 Key Insights about Sex

By Nargis Shirazi Baguma, Youth Communications Coordinator, PACE Uganda In August 2016, with an investment from the Pfizer Foundation, PACE, PSI’s network member in Uganda, gathered 13 young people (ages 15-24) from various backgrounds and communities to discuss their concerns about the sexual and reproductive health of youth in their communities. The group participated in

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Getting Out of the Box

A Business Case for Engaging Senior Leadership in the Field

By Caroline Roan, Vice President of Corporate Responsibility for Pfizer Inc. and President of The Pfizer Foundation Fifteen years into the 21st century, health advances have already resulted in longer lives worldwide. Investments that improve living conditions and reduce infectious diseases continue to have a positive impact. However, many global health challenges remain, such as

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Fortune 500 Salutes PSI’s Corporate Partners

By Jenny Tolep, External Relations & Communications Fresh off the press — Fortune magazine just released the 2015 Fortune 500 list of top corporate companies and seven of PSI’s corporate partners made the list. Like all of PSI’s corporate partners, these companies are addressing global development challenges in ways that harness their core business skills

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Getting A New Contraception Option to Market: How Public-Private Partnerships Drive Innovation

By Minal Bopaiah, Communications Manager, PSI The modern Senegalese woman has it together. From raising children to owning a small business, ambition and poise are valued by Senegalese women, according to market research conducted by Ademas, a PSI network member, and its partners before the launch of a new contraceptive option called Sayana Press. This

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Meaningful Measurement in the Private Sector

AT A PROGRAMMATIC LEVEL, we designed our programs in ways that would address the challenges faced by the country in the disease areas that we address, and ensured that each program has a rigorous monitoring and evaluation framework that also includes measurement of patient outcomes. For instance, in our current work in India, the most

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A Closer Look at Private Sector Support of Global Health

By Christine Dugay, Development Analyst, and Pete Trolio, Director, Global Advisory and Analysis for Devex

There is considerable excitement regarding the role that corporations and their foundations are playing in global health. PSI and other prominent global health organizations are expecting this trend to continue and are counting on the private sector, particularly large multinational companies, to implement innovative and scalable health programs, establish new partnerships, and provide much-needed funding to catalyze sustainable change.

In order for organizations and individuals to engage with these companies, the global development community still requires a better understanding of exactly how multinationals are contributing to global health. The short and easy answer is that, in recent years, corporations have supported a wide range of initiatives across the global health value chain, from research and development to manufacturing and supply, and to direct delivery of products and services in various areas of the developing world.

A more detailed answer can be uncovered through an analysis of two major global industries, which are perhaps more involved in social development than any others: pharmaceuticals and oil. Here, Devex assesses the 2011 financial commitments, strategies and programs of three leading pharmaceutical companies – Pfizer, Merck and GlaxoSmithKline PLC – and three major oil companies – Exxon Mobil Corp., Chevron and Royal Dutch Shell PLC – all of which are positioning themselves as private sector philanthropic leaders through social investment and global health spending.

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Assessing Private Sector Support of Global Health

    An appraisal of major multinationals in two important private sector industries – pharma and oil – reveals some interesting trends in social investment and global health commitments. There is considerable excitement regarding the role that corporations and their foundations are playing in global health. PSI and other prominent global health organizations are expecting this trend to continue

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Public-Private Partnerships Thrive

Impact interviews Geralyn Ritter, Senior Vice President of Global Public Policy and Corporate Responsibility, and President of the Merck Company Foundation, about the Merck Company’s new partnership Merck for Mothers, a 10-year, $500 million initiative to reduce maternal mortality globally, which Geralyn oversees. – ➤ Geralyn Ritter: We are excited to be partnering with PSI

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Healthy Dose June 9, 2011

Top StoryGerman E. coli Infections on the Decline Finally some good news is coming from Germany where the country’s health minister has said that the outbreak that killed 24 and infected over 2,300 is beginning to “slow down.” “I can’t yet cancel the warnings, but we now have reasons to hope as the number of

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