Co-Creating Solutions to Prevent the Preventable and Treat the Treatable

By Dr. Heather White, Senior Technical Advisor for Non-Communicable Diseases, PSI What do cervical cancer, Type 2 diabetes, and hypertension have in common? They are three diseases that are largely preventable, easily screened/diagnosed, and highly treatable with known therapies. Solutions to lessen the impact of the three diseases require a comprehensive approach from all sectors,

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Do You Know How to Prevent Cervical Cancer?

By Dr. Heather White, Technical Advisor- NCDs, PSI  Cervical cancer is the number one cancer killer of women in most developing countries. Each year, roughly 525,000 women develop cervical cancer and over 265,000 women die from the disease.[1][2] Almost 90% of the disease burden lies in developing countries where access to screening programs are not readily

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Collaborating to support people with NCDs in Uganda

By Greg Paton, Technical Advisor, Uganda NCD Alliance.  Kampala, Uganda

“What could I have done to prevent my cancer?”

UNCD Premises

This question was posed to me by a mother living in a small hut on the outskirts of Kampala, Uganda. The nurse informed me that the women had advanced colorectal cancer and was no longer responding to treatment. I found myself at a loss for words.

I was accompanying the mobile palliative care team at Hospice Africa Uganda on their weekly rounds to distribute free morphine. As the nurse shared key cancer prevention strategies – early screening, avoiding tobacco, eating healthy and regular exercise – the woman pledged to educate others in her village, offering hope that her experience with cancer could be used to empower and educate her peers.

Eight months after moving to Uganda, the overwhelming statistics that framed my perception of these conditions have been replaced by human stories. Poverty is the narrative of these stories, and the poor and vulnerable are the central characters.

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PSI/Mexico Recognized by Pan American Forum on NCDs

UntitledThe March Pan American Forum NCD Newsletter featured PSI/Mexico’s Aliviánate, sacude tu vida (Lighten up, shake up your life) program. An estimated 30% of Mexican adults are obese and 70% are overweight, with a higher tendency among women. The numbers are slightly lower, but equally concerning in the State of Mexico. Mexico has developed different strategies to tackle this new epidemic including legislation, national and state plans for the prevention of chronic diseases, and publicity campaigns that target children and adults. There is a lack of specific interventions that promote healthy lifestyles among adolescents.

PSI/Mexico designed an Expo-type event in September 2010 in the State of Mexico with the objective of influencing young people’s attitude, intention and knowledge around doing physical activity and drinking water. Young people practiced diverse physical activities such as Hip Hop, Jazz Pop, Capoeira, Soccer 7, Wii/Xbox, Juggling and an urban obstacle course. They also had the opportunity to reinforce their knowledge on the benefits of doing physical activity and drinking water thanks to a series of informative images displayed in the form of a visual tour. Young people  socialized with other peers reinforcing a series of values such  as teamwork, commitment and self-confidence. There were interactive conferences with celebrities Yordi Rosado and  Mario Cuevas “la Garra” as well as competitions and awards.


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