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PSI Reaffirms Pledge to Innovate Through Maverick Collective at Global Innovation Week 2017

by Priyam Chakraborty, Digital Communications Coordinator, PSI On September 28, USAID’s Global Development Lab opened Global Innovation Week (GIW) in Washington, D.C. A consortium of global development leaders came together to focus on innovation in the development sector. During the event’s Evidence and Innovation Day, participating implementing partner organizations, including PSI, pledged to pair a

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Why Nonprofits Must Innovate: Seven Steps to Get Results

By Amy Hsuan, Adam Katz, Mark Freedman, and Brenda Thickett Much has been written about how innovation drives growth and shareholder value in publicly traded companies. Apple and Google, which again took the top two spots on BCG’s annual list of the world’s most innovative companies, have also been the stock market leaders over the past

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Innovation Challenge Grant Winner Reports Successful Pilot Study for New Contraceptive Procedure

Using a new cheaper, simpler inserter for IUDs after labor and delivery can save lives in the developing  world. Washington, DC, (March 22, 2016) Following a proof-of-concept study to be published March 23 in the journal Global Health Science and Practice, Population Services International (PSI) Global Medical Director Paul Blumenthal, MD, reports benefits from a

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President Obama’s Visit to Kenya To Highlight Social Entrepreneurship and the ‘Double Bottom Line’

By Anna Dirksen, PSI Consultant This week, US President Barack Obama travels to Kenya for bilateral meetings and to attend the annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES). It’s his first trip as President to his father’s native country and an important moment for both countries. Kenya has emerged in recent years as the central hub for

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Private sector Innovates to Eliminate Malaria in Cambodia

By Abigail Pratt, Malaria Technical Advisor, PSI Cambodia On this World Malaria Day, it’s important to reflect on the major ground we’ve gained. For example, in the last decade, Cambodia has achieved impressive results in its fight against the disease — so much so that it is now one of the 17 countries in South

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What Skills will Development Professionals Need in the 21st Century?

By Minal Bopaiah, Communications Manager, PSI What skills do you most value as a development professional? Consensus building? Resourcefulness? Marketing prowess? In order to alleviate poverty in the 21st century, global development needs to innovate to be more impactful. Like most other fields, that means there’s likely to be significant changes in how things get

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5 mHealth Solutions that Bridge the Gap between Innovative Technology and Consumer Adoption

By Minal Bopaiah A recent JAMA article examining the accuracy of wearable devices highlights an underlying problem that pervades much of the health industry: adoption. The article authors discuss how pedometers have seen low adoption by consumers, even though studies have shown that these devices do help with health goals. Yet, the wearable devices that

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Q&A: Creating a Mobile Health Platform that “Just Works” for All

A vision to end “pilotitis”, to scale mobile health solutions more efficiently and support health workers more effectively

By Oscar Abello When something “just works”, there’s usually a mini-universe of people, technology and ideas behind it that the rest of us take for granted. Take bar codes for example; they’re ubiquitous, and serve multiple uses for every stage of a product’s manufacture and eventual sale. The tale behind them is an astounding story of vision,

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UNITAID and PSI Partner to Expand Access to HIV Self-Testing

Globally, there are an estimated 19 million people who do not know they are living with HIV. Without knowledge of their status, individuals cannot access life-saving HIV care and treatment. To close this gap, UNITAID is investing $23 million to accelerate access to HIV testing through simple HIV self-tests in three high-burden African countries over

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PSI Learns about USAID’s Innovation Lab

By Samrawit Gougsa PSI is devoted to “thinking outside the box” in the work that we do, so USAID’s Innovation Lab caught our attention from the start. The $1 billion initiative brings together scientists, corporations, universities and charities in an effort to determine and test new and better ways to fight global poverty. Last week

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Listen, Learn, Tinker, Repeat

How to design better solutions for ‘The Poor’

By Iulian Circo, Country Representative, PSI Mozambique A lot of my work at PSI Mozambique as well as with Movercado has to do with providing market-based solutions for under-served people (the “Bottom of Pyramid”) and making sure these solutions actually get there and get used. Harder than it sounds. But I love it. You approach “the poor”

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Disruptive Philanthropy?

Discussing the future of philanthropy and its potential for disruption

By Oscar Abello Toronto high-tech entrepreneur Marcia Cardamore has built and sold multiple businesses, holds multiple advanced degrees, and has raised multiple daughters. When she invests in a philanthropic endeavor, she treats it just like she has treated the rest of her life—she wants to get into the nitty-gritty, to find opportunities that allow her

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