PSI Global Ambassador Wins Women of Achievement Award

Congratulations to PSI Global Health Ambassador Debra Messing for being honored with the Women of Achievement Award at the 32nd Annual WP Theater Gala on Monday, March 27. The award honors women in theatre that have excelled not only in their profession, but also in their other endeavors. Debra joins the ranks of former award

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7 Questions for UNITAID Director Lelio Marmora

By Sandy Garcon, Communications Manager, PSI  UNITAID’s executive director discusses the importance of developing and unlocking markets to accelerate innovations in growth.  1. Impact: Why are markets systems important to the poor? LM: The poorest people are typically the most vulnerable in society, and often the most directly affected by changing or underdeveloped market conditions

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Of Goats and Chickens: Village Leaders Champion HIV Self-Testing in Malawi

By Sabrina Sidhu, Writer, UNITAID Malicious gossip can spread faster than wildfire. Traditional leaders in rural Neno District, Malawi, are only too aware of its destructive nature. In May this year, they grew worried that rumours could jeopardize HIV self-testing, a new health service that relies on strict confidentiality for its success. HIV self-testing allows

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#EndAIDS: Let’s Not Forget About Men

By Karin Hatzold, Project Director, PSI/UNITAID/HIV Self Test AfRica Almost universally, men interact with health systems far less than women. In sub-Saharan Africa and in countries with high HIV burden, the  consequences are real: men are less likely to know their HIV status; are diagnosed later in the course of infection and less likely to

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PSI Ambassador Debra Messing Promotes AIDS Awareness and Treatment

Last week, PSI Global Ambassador and actress Debra Messing visited Washington, DC, to lend her voice to the growing call to end the AIDS epidemic and help fund programs that address the increased risk of HIV infections in women and girls in developing countries. Ms. Messing first spoke at the State Department on Monday. She

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PSI Ambassador Debra Messing Inspires Others to Raise Awareness and Help Stop HIV

By Margaret Cohen, Online Engagement and Fundraising, PSI   “I just wanted to share a little story about someone I met who had AIDS,” begins Teri, a former medical technician remembering the day in 1982 the first AIDS patient walked through the doors of her suburban Minneapolis hospital. She is warmed by the gratitude he

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What’s Scarier than a Shark? These 3 Global Health Problems

By Jenny Tolep and Etiti Ayeni, External Relations and Communications There is no question that this summer has been jam-packed with shark scares. From professional surfer, Mick Fanning’s close encounter to the numerous shark bites in North Carolina’s unusually warm waters, it is not surprising that people are nervous about getting in the ocean. Sharks

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HIV in Cambodia

The Story Behind the Story: Innovative Program Brings HIV Testing to Cambodian Communities

By Anna Dirksen, PSI Consultant Earlier this month, The Diplomat — one of the leading international news outlets for Asia-Pacific — published an article on a community-based HIV testing program in Cambodia, calling it “the first of its kind in the region”. The article describes the incredible battle Cambodians are waging against HIV, with an

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Global Fund Results Show Strong Progress Against HIV, TB and Malaria

As world leaders met in Addis Ababa to discuss financing for the Sustainable Development Goals, the Global Fund announced mid-year results that demonstrate strong progress against HIV, tuberculosis and malaria. The results show that 8.1 million people are receiving antiretroviral treatment for HIV through programs supported by Global Fund grants, a 22% increase since the

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Nina Hasen

Introducing PSI’s New Director of HIV and TB: Q & A with Nina Hasen

Nina Hasen recently joined PSI as the Director of HIV and Tuberculosis. Coming to us from the Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator (OGAC), which oversees the President’s Emergency Response for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), Nina brings not only expertise in HIV and AIDS programming and policy, but also a strong scientific and academic background through

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Transgender Thailand

Beyond Caitlyn Jenner: The Reality for Most Transgender People

By Anna Dirksen, PSI Consultant America was buzzing this week with talk about the 22-page Vanity Fair spread on Caitlyn Jenner that dropped onto newsstands June 9th. Caitlyn, who first became famous winning the gold medal in the men’s decathlon event at the 1976 Summer Olympics, talks openly in the article about how difficult it was for her to come

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Innovation is Challenging the Status Quo, Creating Solutions from the Ground-Up



Q&A with Duncan Blair, Director of Public Health Initiatives, Alere, Inc.

Impact: How do you define innovation? What do you think are some of the most important factors driving innovation in global health?

DB: Innovation is not only about delivering something new but also about delivering something which provides positive outcomes. What you need for innovation really is creative and engaged people — it’s all about people being willing to challenge the status quo. If everybody always thinks the same things, talks the same language and simply tows the party line then that’s not an environment very conducive to innovation. So what you need is people and an environment that fosters and encourages group members to take risks, whether this is an R&D team, a marketing team, a program implementation team, or a policy development team. Without people who are willing to state their opinion and argue their position then you have no innovation.

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