What Trump’s ‘Groundhog Budget’ Reminds Us About Global Health Trends

by Karl Hofmann, President & CEO, PSI The Trump Administration’s just-released 2019 budget blueprint was depressingly similar to its 2018 offering.  It’s Groundhog Day all over again. President Trump stuck his head up, cast a budget shadow, and the US Government budget has to endure six more weeks of winter. Surprisingly, the 2019 proposal contains

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The Global State of Youth Wellbeing is Improving…Albeit Slowly

The 2017 Global Youth Wellbeing Index Assesses Youth Wellbeing in 30 Countries across Seven Regions

By Emma Beck, Associate Manager, External Relations and Communications, PSI At PSI, we have committed to working not only for—but with adolescents. We’re testing bold new ways of elevating youth as equal partners in designing, delivering and measuring systems that address their health needs. Our work leads with dignity. It encapsulates empathy. And it builds

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Seven Stranger Stats

By Sandy Garçon and Priyam Chakraborty, External Relations and Communications, PSI Halloween is all about paying tribute to the spooky, scary, and downright deadly. At PSI, we’re sharing the types of things we find truly frightening this Halloween – that keep us up at night year round – and ways in which we are countering

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Irene Koek at Global Health Mini University 2017 Opening Session

What We Learned: Key Takeaways From USAID’s Global Health Mini University

On Sept. 14, 2017, USAID hosted global health organizations to present and learn about cutting edge and tested innovations making a health impact on the developing world at its annual Global Health Mini University. Read more about what we learned: [<a href=”//storify.com/PSIimpact/2017-global-health-mini-university” target=”_blank”>View the story “2017 Global Health Mini University” on Storify</a>]

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Malaria Up Close

By Kaleigh Rogers, Reporter, VICE In May, VICE reporter Kaleigh Rogers visited Tanzania to report on malaria, and stopped by the Ithna Asheri clinic in Arusha, where a PSI intervention helped train clinicians and lab techs in using malaria Rapid Diagnostic Tests (mRDTs) to properly diagnosis and treat fever cases. Below is an excerpt from

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What’s Scarier than a Vampire on Halloween?

By Noha Zeitoun, Content Intern, External Relations and Communications As children, we faced our fears of ghosts and vampires on Halloween. But as adults, we know there are greater fears in today’s world, especially in global health. At PSI, we share the type of things we find truly frightening this Halloween and what we’re doing to make them

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Five Great Global Health Games for Kids…and One for Adults

By Anna Dirksen, PSI Consultant In parts of the world heading into summer, most school children are getting ready to say “goodbye” to their classrooms and “hello” to summer break. But just because school is out, the learning doesn’t have to stop. While most parents and caregivers don’t want children to spend too much time

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Ebola, Ending Malaria, and Everything Else from the WHO’s World Health Assembly 2015

By Anna Dirksen, PSI Consultant The 68th World Health Assembly ended yesterday at World Health Organization (WHO) headquarters in Geneva. More than 3,000 delegates from WHO’s 194 Member States — including a significant number of the world’s health ministers — participated in the meeting, where they debated a wide variety of health policy topics. The

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PSI Ambassador on Celebrity Jeopardy TODAY!

By Maria Dieter, External Relations and Communications Assistant PSI’s celebrity ambassador, Debra Messing, will kick off Celebrity Jeopardy week today and she’s selected PSI to benefit from her winnings! To find out how and when to tune in to your ABC affiliate, click here. And to help get you in the Jeopardy mood, test your

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Honoring World Red Cross & Red Crescent Day

Photo of the week

By Anna Dirksen, PSI Consultant The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is the world’s largest humanitarian network, with nearly 100 million volunteers, supporters and staff worldwide. Today, May 8, is World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day, an opportunity to celebrate the movement’s fundamental principles and its organizations: the International Committee of the

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4 Mother’s Day Gifts to Change the World

Healthy babies rely on healthy mothers. But most women around the world don’t get to deliver their babies with a medical team, the way Kate Middleton did this past week. And even after childbirth, many women struggle to provide their children with clean water and protect them from diseases. This Mother’s Day, you can honor

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