Let Girls Learn program

Getting Girls Access to School Around the World

By Ambassador Cathy Russell Around the world, there’s growing recognition that gender equality matters to our shared future. Instead of asking why women and girls matter, we’re now working on how we can best include them in our work. Over the past year, the United States has made exciting progress on these issues, particularly in

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Mean Stinks

Tools to Change Girls’ Perceptions

P&G, the company behind brands like Always, Pampers, Pantene, Secret and Venus, believes one of the strongest forces for change in our society comes from within each and every woman. By helping women strengthen their confidence – from adolescence to adulthood – we can empower them to change the world. While only 19% of girls

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The Year of the Girl

By Jennifer Orford Over the next two weeks Impact will post the top 12 global health moments of 2015 with commentary from experts. We want to hear your thoughts, too. So login and comment, share on social media and reflect on what has been a pretty interesting year for global health. In response to a

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Women Standing for Women to End Gender-Based Violence

As part of PSI’s series for 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, philanthropist and entrepreneur Marcia Cardamore explains what role philanthropists must play.

By Marcia Cardamore, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur Am I a new kind of philanthropist? Probably not. But I am part of a zeitgeist of women who are empowered with a sense of agency, purpose, significant resources and talent, willing to take risks and make big commitments to address the rising tide of violence against women and girls.

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Three Global Goals We Love

On Friday, September 25th world leaders at the United Nations unanimously adopted the Sustainable Development Goals, coined the Global Goals, to be achieved by 2030. The Global Goals follow on the heels of the Millennium Development Goals which expired earlier this year. The SDGs include 17 goals, touching on everything from poverty eradication to addressing

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Violence Against Women: Global Crime, Global Solutions

Mandy Moore and Indrani Goradia Address Gender-based Violence on NDTV

Actress, singer-songwriter and PSI Global Ambassador Mandy Moore recently teamed up with Indrani Goradia, philanthropist and advocate for gender-based violence survivors, on the popular Indian talk show NDTV Dialogues to address gender-based violence and its burden on society.  Joining them in the segment, Violence Against Women: Global Crime, Global Solutions, were panelists, Lalitha Kumaramangalam, National

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Eight Questions for Melinda Gates

By Sara Ojjeh, Editor-In-Chief, PhilanthropyNYU; PSI NextGen Ambassador About the Author: Sara Ojjeh is a dedicated philanthropist with special interests in international development, global health and education, and human rights. She was a Director at the Swiss Philanthropy Fund, a non-profit that helps women and children across the world live better lives, support themselves, get an

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Selfies with Daughters Stops Short of the Point

 By Marshall Stowell, Vice President of External Relations and Communications, PSI Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiative, #selfiewithdaughter is taking off around the world. Below, PSI’s VP of External Relations and Communications and new dad, Marshall Stowell offers his thoughts on the phenomenon.  I’ve always considered myself a feminist. Or at least I thought so.

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African Family

The Importance of Fathers to Global Health Outcomes

By Maria Dieter, Communications Assistant, PSI “It’s wonderful how much you’re involved in your child’s life.” For a mother, this statement would be redundant. A father, however, would find it transformative. Yesterday was Father’s Day in the United States, and across the globe, fathers are proving to be an important and powerful force for change,

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Weekly Buzz: Links We Like

Are you more charitable when there’s one individual in need or millions? Can social marketing change family planning as we know it?  Why women should build social capital is obvious, but how?  Here are a few Tweets from PSI experts, network members and friends to get you thinking this weekend about how we can all play a part

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A Vaccine Could do More than Prevent AIDS

AIDS is the number-one killer of women of reproductive age in sub-Saharan Africa and the world, and women account for more than half of the people living with HIV in low- and middle-income countries. It’s a human tragedy and an economic one.

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