What Do Adolescent Girls Think About Contraceptives?

The piece below originally appeared on the A360 Learning Hub. Do I fit in? Does that boy like me? Am I in trouble with my parents? How do I achieve my dreams? What do my friends think of me? How does the future compare to what’s happening right now? Adolescent girls everywhere have a lot

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Irene Koek at Global Health Mini University 2017 Opening Session

What We Learned: Key Takeaways From USAID’s Global Health Mini University

On Sept. 14, 2017, USAID hosted global health organizations to present and learn about cutting edge and tested innovations making a health impact on the developing world at its annual Global Health Mini University. Read more about what we learned: [<a href=”//storify.com/PSIimpact/2017-global-health-mini-university” target=”_blank”>View the story “2017 Global Health Mini University” on Storify</a>]

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Support #HerFuture at the London Summit on Family Planning

On 11 July 2017, Population Services International (PSI) will join policymakers, donors, experts and advocates from all over the world working on behalf of girls and women at the 2017 Family Planning Summit in London. PSI experts will share how they are working for women and girls’ sexual and reproductive health and #HerFuture at a number of Summit

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PSI and Partners Take On Social Norms in DRC

By Aubrey Weber, FHI 360 Instances of early pregnancy, gender-based and intimate partner violence, and child marriage are an unfortunate reality for millions of women. In many settings, sustained improvements in family planning and sexual and reproductive health will only be obtained by addressing the social norms—unspoken rules that govern behavior—that inhibit family planning access

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Transforming Health For All in Angola

By Dr. Paulo R P Souza, chief of party of HFA, PSI/Angola In Angola, nearly two decades of peace and robust economic growth has led to huge progress in the management of the country’s national health system. Building on years of bilateral collaboration, USAID launched Projecto de Saúde Para Todos (Health For All, or HFA)

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Why have four children when you could have seven?

By Jill Filipovic This piece originally ran on The Guardian.com. The article takes a thoughtful look into barriers to family planning uptake in Niger and the dilemma facing organizations like PSI working to meet the country’s high unmet contraceptive need. ____________________________________________________________________________________ With the world’s highest birthrate, Niger’s population is set to double in 17 years. NGOs are providing

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Are You in the Market for Condoms?

By Sandy Garçon, External Relations and Communications Manager, PSI Valentine’s Day is not the only reason to celebrate February 14ththis year – it is also International Condom Day! Since its inception in 2009, International Condom Day is celebrated in conjunction with Valentine’s Day as an ideal opportunity to promote healthy relationships and to remind people

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Setting Newlyweds Up for Success

A young couple talks straight about Family Planning in Congo

By Kaylin Fabian, Fundraising Coordinator, PSI Chimene Mulutu and her husband Christian made a choice that broke the mold for newly married youth in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC): they decided to use contraception to delay having their first child. Chimene and Christian have been married for nine months, and they are using lessons

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Cloudy with a Little Chance of Pregnancy

PSI-Trained Health Workers Brave Elements to Educate Women

By Alia McKee, Sea Change Strategies It’s cloudy and the still air is threatening a downpour. M.J. – the health worker who minutes earlier entertained and educated 50 women about family planning at the Centre De Sante Bomoi clinic – looks up at the sky. “This is the hardest thing,” she says. “We go to

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How Clinton or Trump May Tackle Global Health as President

By Minal Bopaiah, Communications Manager, PSI With less than 90 days until the U.S. elects either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump for President, Devex took the time to compare the Democratic and Republican platforms on issues related to global development. There are a number of stark differences, but PSI felt the need to call out

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In Congo Word of Mouth is Everything: Testimonials Change Opinions about Family Planning

By Alia McKee, Sea Change Strategies The clinic’s massive courtyard is filled with women and small babies cradled, toddling, jumping and most other action verbs. Children cry and roosters crow while M.J. talks to 50 women seated on cement benches under a hot tin roof outside the Salvation Army’s Centre De Sante Bomoi clinic in

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Markets for Women

3 Ways to Make the Market Work for Her

By Yasmin Madan, Global Marketing Director, PSI What do markets have to do with girls’ and women’s health? The simple response is everything. From sexual and reproductive health to sanitation, we are increasingly aware that the most effective strategies for meeting countries’ health needs must include an understanding and engagement of all actors that supply, enable

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