How PSI Puts Data Into Action

PSI promotes the use of routine health data to drive decision making by health professionals. To that end, we are one of the leading non-profit users of DHIS2 spanning across over 25 countries, and work closely with the DHIS2 developers at the University of Oslo to continually improve field applicability of the system to facilitate

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Six Chart Toppers in Social Marketing for Health


Does social marketing work? It’s a question PSI often has to answer. That’s why we created the Social Marketing Evidence Base. Now all that evidence is even more accessible, thanks to this new infographic document from PSI.

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Value for Money: Narrative vs. Number

We in the development community have likely all wrestled with the concept of “value for money.” While it sounds straightforward, the concept can be difficult to pin down. This is because value for money is not only what is cheapest or most evidence-based or even what responds most immediately to an identified bottle-neck. The final decision hinges on a narrative rather than a number, and

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