PSI and Partners Take On Social Norms in DRC

By Aubrey Weber, FHI 360 Instances of early pregnancy, gender-based and intimate partner violence, and child marriage are an unfortunate reality for millions of women. In many settings, sustained improvements in family planning and sexual and reproductive health will only be obtained by addressing the social norms—unspoken rules that govern behavior—that inhibit family planning access

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Using Consumer Marketing Strategies to Transform the Private Market for Malaria Treatment

Lessons Learned from the DRC

By Katie MacDonald, Deputy Chief of Party for DEFEAT Malaria, PSI/ASF More than 11 million malaria cases are reported annually in the Democratic Republic of Congo, making it the second most malaria-affected country in the world. Yet, appropriate malaria diagnosis and treatment is often unavailable, especially in private clinics and pharmacies where over 70% percent

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The Heroes of International Women’s Day

PSI works to make it easier for women in the developing world to live healthier lives and plan the families they desire. Now more than ever, our commitment to women is unwavering. On International Women’s Day, we’re featuring three heroes of their own stories. In keeping themselves and their families healthy, they’re creating a better

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From Tragedy to Action

A Grieving Sister Helps Women in Congo Plan Their Families

By Alice Mushagalusa, Department of Research, ASF When her sister died, Marthe knew she had to do something. Under a scorching sun, she walks towards the Clinic Santé La Vie, in the municipality of Ndjili, Kinshasa, where a group of women sits patiently waiting for her under a tree. “I am one of the ‘Mamans

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Setting Newlyweds Up for Success

A young couple talks straight about Family Planning in Congo

By Kaylin Fabian, Fundraising Coordinator, PSI Chimene Mulutu and her husband Christian made a choice that broke the mold for newly married youth in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC): they decided to use contraception to delay having their first child. Chimene and Christian have been married for nine months, and they are using lessons

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Breaking Taboos in Congo

By Alia McKee, Sea Change Strategies for PSI If you want to find Helene, go to the community center in her neighborhood. That’s where she spends most of her afternoons and weekends. Wearing smart glasses, a sharp blazer and a genuine smile, Helene goes from room to room, greeting teens and doing what teens do

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Cloudy with a Little Chance of Pregnancy

PSI-Trained Health Workers Brave Elements to Educate Women

By Alia McKee, Sea Change Strategies It’s cloudy and the still air is threatening a downpour. M.J. – the health worker who minutes earlier entertained and educated 50 women about family planning at the Centre De Sante Bomoi clinic – looks up at the sky. “This is the hardest thing,” she says. “We go to

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In Congo Word of Mouth is Everything: Testimonials Change Opinions about Family Planning

By Alia McKee, Sea Change Strategies The clinic’s massive courtyard is filled with women and small babies cradled, toddling, jumping and most other action verbs. Children cry and roosters crow while M.J. talks to 50 women seated on cement benches under a hot tin roof outside the Salvation Army’s Centre De Sante Bomoi clinic in

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DRC Ministry of Health, UK Minister for Africa & PSI Launch Major Effort to Provide Quality Malaria Medications to Congolese through the Private Sector

By Marcel Lama MD, MPH, Chief of Party, Kathleen MacDonald, MPH, Deputy Chief of Party and Alena Sims, Communications Associate, PSI On Friday March 4, 2016, the Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) Minister of Health, Félix Kabange Numbi Mukwampa, and Nick Hurd, the British Minister for Africa within the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), joined PSI and

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There’s a Bright Side, Profits are Down

This post originally ran on By Karl Hofmann, President and CEO, PSI  The world seems like a pretty miserable place right now. Refugee crises; spread of the Zika virus; violent extremism; failing and struggling states – it feels like our troubles are outrunning our ability to manage them. But as my organization gathered to

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Minding the Gap: Maintaining LLIN Coverage in DRC via School Distribution

By Hallie Stevens, MPH Candidate, The George Washington University For children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), malaria is a looming threat. It’s responsible for 25% of deaths of children under five in the DRC. In order to address the risk of malaria to children in the DRC, PSI is piloting a school-based

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family planning

3 Key Steps to Win Men’s Support for Family Planning

By Ashley Jackson, Technical Advisor, PSI Marketing is all about understanding your customer – their hopes and fears, expectations of your product, and more. But what happens when the customer needs the approval or money from someone else in order to access a product? In many countries, a leading reason for not using contraception is

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