Using Consumer Marketing Strategies to Transform the Private Market for Malaria Treatment

Lessons Learned from the DRC

By Katie MacDonald, Deputy Chief of Party for DEFEAT Malaria, PSI/ASF More than 11 million malaria cases are reported annually in the Democratic Republic of Congo, making it the second most malaria-affected country in the world. Yet, appropriate malaria diagnosis and treatment is often unavailable, especially in private clinics and pharmacies where over 70% percent

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Presidents and Billionaires Drive Battle Against Africa’s Deadliest Creature

In May, Katy Migiro visited Tanzania to report on malaria, and stopped by the Ithna Asheri clinic in Arusha, where a PSI intervention helped train clinicians and lab techs in using malaria Rapid Diagnostic Tests (mRDTs) to properly diagnosis and treat fever cases. Below is an excerpt from her article on ARUSHA, Tanzania, June

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DRC Ministry of Health, UK Minister for Africa & PSI Launch Major Effort to Provide Quality Malaria Medications to Congolese through the Private Sector

By Marcel Lama MD, MPH, Chief of Party, Kathleen MacDonald, MPH, Deputy Chief of Party and Alena Sims, Communications Associate, PSI On Friday March 4, 2016, the Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) Minister of Health, Félix Kabange Numbi Mukwampa, and Nick Hurd, the British Minister for Africa within the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), joined PSI and

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Minding the Gap: Maintaining LLIN Coverage in DRC via School Distribution

By Hallie Stevens, MPH Candidate, The George Washington University For children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), malaria is a looming threat. It’s responsible for 25% of deaths of children under five in the DRC. In order to address the risk of malaria to children in the DRC, PSI is piloting a school-based

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The Nobel Prize Award Ceremony 2015

Nobel Prize Awarded for Fight Against Parasitic Diseases

By Jennifer Orford Over the next two weeks Impact will post the top 12 global health moments of 2015 with commentary from experts. We want to hear your thoughts, too. So login and comment, share on social media and reflect on what has been a pretty interesting year for global health. On October 5, 2015,

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Transforming the Health, Well-Being, and Livelihoods of Millions Across the Globe

By Timothy Ziemer This post originally ran on the U.S. Department of State’s Official blog. Since 2000, global malaria deaths have dropped 66 percent among all age groups, and by 71 percent among children under five. More than six million lives have been saved, and a vast majority of the lives saved have been children, according

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Fish, Mosquitos, People – and Unintended Consequences

By Karl Hofmann, president & CEO, PSI Jeffrey Gettlemen’s recent New York Times article “Meant to Keep Malaria Out, Mosquito Nets Are Used to Haul Fish In” brings a concerning situation to light. Long-lasting Insecticide Treated Mosquito Nets (LLINs), when misused, may be undermining fragile African fisheries, or worse. If we care about fishermen’s livelihoods,

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