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High Tech Meets Low Tech

How PSI And Mercycorps Used mHealth Communications Solutions

By Regina Moore, Communications Manager at PSI During the Ebola outbreak in Liberia this year, trust between communities and health facilities was severely damaged as facilities struggled to respond to pressing health needs while communities were in the dark about what was going on. Additionally, as Ebola survivors and family members of those affected began reintegrating

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Listen, Learn, Tinker, Repeat

How to design better solutions for ‘The Poor’

By Iulian Circo, Country Representative, PSI Mozambique A lot of my work at PSI Mozambique as well as with Movercado has to do with providing market-based solutions for under-served people (the “Bottom of Pyramid”) and making sure these solutions actually get there and get used. Harder than it sounds. But I love it. You approach “the poor”

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