PSI’s (First Ever) Person of the Year: Ashley Judd

By Marshall Stowell, Vice President of External Relations & Communications, PSI It’s time. From the slew of allegations against Harvey Weinstein, a sea change is occurring. Women are finally being heard. And, believed. And to a great degree, it’s a result of Ashley Judd’s courage to share what happened to her in Harvey Weinstein’s hotel

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Ashley Judd on Feminism, Activism, and Being an Advocate for Girls’ Health

By Noha Zeitoun, Content Intern, PSI Imagine 70 million girls around the world staying in school longer and having the choice about when or how to get pregnant. We’re one step closer to that now as PSI Global Ambassador Ashley Judd is named the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador on Child Marriage. Often arranged by families,

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Ashley Judd 2015

Ashley Judd: It’s Time to Treat Gender-Based Violence as a Health Issue

Actress, humanitarian and PSI Global Ambassador Ashley Judd recently spoke with Jason Beaubien, NPR Global Health reporter, at the Aspen Ideas Festival’s Spotlight Health event in Aspen, Colorado. The op-ed below initially ran on the Aspen Institute blog. Below, discover a clip from the talk, as well as a link to the entire conversation. Watch

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Fighting for Heroic Moms this Mother’s Day

By Congresswoman Barbara Lee and PSI Ambassador Ashley Judd Motherhood is not for the faint-hearted. Mothers struggle to do the best they can for their children — making sure they’re happy, healthy and know they are loved. In many parts of the world, this is a truly heroic feat. As we watch ongoing coverage of

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140 Characters of Gender-Based Violence

By: Jenny Tolep, External Relations and Communications This year’s March Madness has fired up more than just crazed basketball fans. It has also propelled a fight against gender-based violence. During the recent Kentucky vs. Arkansas basketball game, Kentucky Wildcats super-fan and PSI Global Ambassador Ashley Judd shared a comment on Twitter stating Arkansas was, “playing

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A Movie that Matters for a Healthy Haiti

By Ashley Judd It’s a balmy night in Port Au Prince. 300 Haitians are crowded on and around an outdoor stage near the beach. On the stage, young PSI staff dance and amp up the audience by playing music videos. Finally, the movie starts. PSI develops live action films featuring actors from the local country.

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Ashley Judd Named Top AIDS Celebrity Activist

The Daily Beast choose to mark the recently celebrated World AIDS Day by highlighting the celebrities who have championed AIDS. The well known names include Bill and Melinda Gates and Elizabeth Taylor, but did you know that Ashley Judd, PSI Board member, is also among the top celebrities who advocate for AIDS?

From the Daily Beast:

To highlight the global impact of World AIDS Day, The Daily Beast runs down nine of the top celebrity HIV/AIDS fundraisers. When possible, we looked at the most recent tax forms available for the foundations founded by or closely linked to each celebrity. For our final ranking we added the total grant dollars doled out from 2007 to 2010, and the total direct program dollars from 2008 to 2010. For the celebrities and their foundations for which tax returns were not available, or not solely linked to HIV/AIDS causes, we used media reports to make an estimate for the total dollars put toward fighting HIV/AIDS since 2007. Not all the celebrities on this list are alive, but their fame and longstanding commitment to fighting HIV/AIDS still raises awareness for their foundations.

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Europe Policy Matters: The Notable Nordics

Our Nordic neighbors (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden) are known for their generosity, consistently ranking among the most generous contributors of official development assistance (ODA) in the world – especially when expressed as a percentage of their gross national income (GNI). A significant share of their respective assistance is earmarked for mitigating the HIV epidemic,

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Family Planning is Key to Poverty Alleviation Says Ashley Judd

The following is an excerpt from an article in Positive Luxury featuring PSI board member and global ambassador for our YouthAIDS prevention program Ashley Judd. The site had the opportunity to chat with Judd ahead of last week’s London Summit on Family Planning.

What do you expect from the summit?

What I expect from the summit is that modern family planning be put back on the international agenda. With the very appropriate emphasis in the past 15 years on the HIV/Aid crisis, and the lack at the time of a full integration of health services, family planning fell off the agenda. However it is absolutely key to poverty alleviation. Family planning increases the number of girls staying in school, which obviously has a whole cascade of positive benefits for her income generation, her family, her community. Family planning increases the health of girls and women, both by preventing maternal morbidity and mortality, as well as allowing a mother to have more resources, time and emotional and financial support to dedicate to the children she does have.

There are a variety of ways to alleviate poverty, all of which are important, such as land tenure, inheritance rights, legal rights and so on. But it is so wonderful that there’s a summit focussed on family planning, as there is a worldwide unmet need for safe contraceptives that women can choose to use according to their preference.

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Ashley Judd: Why AIDS Won’t Win

The following post is by PSI board member Ashley Judd and originally appears on the Huffington Post.

“Where is Lesotho?” my friend asked me as I was sorting through my mail.

I held the envelope in my hand, staring at the smudged postmark that read “Maseru, Lesotho.” As I opened it I imagined the worst. Lesotho, a landlocked kingdom surrounded by the nation of South Africa, has faced one of the world’s fiercest HIV/AIDS epidemics. Last year, more than one in five adults in Lesotho was HIV-positive, a statistic that has ravaged families and filled orphanages across the country. I imagined that the letter was from a grad school classmate or global health colleague, informing me that the situation in Lesotho was getting worse.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The letter, written by a young woman named Limakatso Mokobocko, filled me with hope. It was a testament to why we can create an AIDS-free generation: the power and commitment of youth.

Limakatso is an on-air radio host for the Silk-eeTM female condom program, an initiative operated by PSI, Johnson & Johnson, and the United States Agency for International Development to empower young women to protect themselves from HIV and unintended pregnancies. Her letter recounts, in painful detail, the horrors inflicted on her country by HIV, by gender inequality, and by cultural taboos that prevent young women from asking simple questions about sex that could save their lives.

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Ashley Judd on why Foreign Aid Matters “From Mombasa to Manhattan”

Ed note.  PSI Board member Ashley Judd weighs in on the foreign aid debate with a letter to the editor of the New York Times.   Ashley with children at Dushishoze, PSI/Rwanda’s Youth Center Franchise Benefits of Foreign Aid Published: October 10, 2011  To the Editor:  “Foreign Aid Faces Major Cutbacks in Budget Crisis” (front page,

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Ashley Judd Visits PSI/Rwanda (Photos)

This post is by Zacch Akinyemi, country director for PSI/Rwanda. Last Saturday, American actress and PSI board of directors member Ashley Judd paid a visit to PSI Rwanda to see what activities we are currently implementing and speak with those people directly affected by our work. She began the day with a visit to the PSI Headquarters

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