10 Steps to Advance the Health and Rights of Young People

Young people in the developing world have urgent and vast needs for policies and programs that safeguard their sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR): A quarter of married adolescent girls and half of unmarried adolescent girls in Africa have an unmet need for family planning. 60% of Africa’s unsafe abortions occur among girls and

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Why Melinda Gates is Excited about Girls Helping Girls

By Taylor Vaught, Learning Advisor, Adolescents 360, PSI At PSI, we couldn’t be more enthusiastic about putting girls at the heart of our work. Melinda Gates is too, and we’re grateful to her for giving a shout out to one of our projects, Adolescents 360, in her recent article on Medium about why she’s excited

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What Makes People Tick? Understanding Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Behavior


By Courtney Helfrecht, Anthropologist, Adolescents 360 Around the world, millions of dollars and hours of debate are spent on addressing the problem of unintended teen pregnancy, with mixed results at best. Although rates are declining, the World Health Organization reports that several countries still have relatively high numbers of teenagers who became mothers before they were

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Adolescents 360

The World’s Most Promising Generation is Coming of Age and Here’s What It Needs from Us

Adolescents 360 is a four-year $30 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, aiming to increase voluntary, modern contraceptive use and reduce unintended pregnancy among adolescent girls between the ages of 15 and 19 in three pilot countries — Nigeria, Tanzania and Ethiopia. By applying a user-centered approach, with youth

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Can a Bajaji Change a Teen Girl’s Life?

How Pam Scott, IDEO.org and PSI brought Human-Centered Design to Teen Pregnancy in Tanzania

By Aaron Britt, senior editor for IDEO.org and Karen Sommer Shalett, managing editor for Impact Magazine “Human-centered design has a role in solving every problem,” says Pam Scott, a serial design thinker whose career has wended from advertising to customer research to a board seat at IDEO.org to a current chapter that might be dubbed activist philanthropy. A

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