TakeCare GiveCare with PRJKT RUBY

For every US-based sale made with the low-cost birth control provider PRJKT RUBY a donation is made to support access to contraception in a developing country.

November 2, 2017-

While taking care of their own reproductive health, women can now give care to others in need. Today, online birth control provider PRJKT RUBY is formally launching its TakeCare, which makes a donation of 25 cents to support access to contraception for women in the developing world for each month of oral contraceptives the organization sells.

Since piloting the program in 2015, PRJKT RUBY has raised over $55,000, helping change the lives of over 1,000 women throughout Latin America – an impact it hopes to expand with each campaign. Read the stories of several women PRJKT RUBY and our TakeCare GiveCare initiative has already served at https://www.prjktruby.com/how-it-works/changing-lives/.

Globally, there are more than 214 million women who have an unmet need for contraception. PRJKT RUBY makes low-cost birth control available to women in the U.S. through a convenient online platform, while providing access to women in the developing world through the PRJKT RUBY Fund and Population Services International (PSI), a nonprofit global health organization.

“I know that my life will change because of this [contraception] and I will feel secure,” said Hazel, who visited a clinic supported by PSI and PRJKT RUBY in El Salvador.

PSI’s network members in the Dominican Republic and throughout Central America work to improve the health of women. Society of Family Health (SFH) and Pan-American Social Marketing Organization (PASMO) have launched regional networks of health clinics in the Caribbean and Latin America, respectively, that offer comprehensive primary healthcare services ranging from general consults to family planning and gender-based violence counseling. With the support of PRJKT RUBY, SFH and PASMO will increase access to a range of modern methods of contraception, allowing women the opportunity to plan for the families and futures they want. Women who do not have the ability to pay for these family planning products or services are sponsored by the PRJKT RUBY Fund.

“At PSI, we aim to bring care as close to our communities as possible,” says PSI President and CEO Karl Hofmann. “We applaud PRJKT RUBY ‘s commitment to get contraception to the front door for women in the US and improve access for our consumers where they go for their health needs.”

“Changing lives and making a difference – that is what PRJKT RUBY is all about. We know contraceptive access can have a significant impact on a woman’s education, employment and health, especially in developing regions, and we are proud to help play a role in giving women vital healthcare support through TakeCare GiveCare,” said PRJKT RUBY CEO Peter Ax. “Inspired by my teenage daughter, this is by far the most meaningful project I have ever had the privilege of being involved with.”

Learn more about PRJKT RUBY and our TakeCare GiveCare initiative at https://www.prjktruby.com today.

PRJKT RUBY makes a low-cost birth control option available to women in the U.S. through a convenient online platform—revolutionizing the way women order their oral contraceptives. It’s simple, safe, private—and totally meaningful.

Population Services International (PSI) is a leading global health organization working in reproductive health, HIV, malaria, non-communicable diseases and sanitation. Partnering with the public sector and harnessing the power of markets, PSI makes it easier for people in the developing world to lead healthier lives and plan the families they desire.

Banner photo: © Population Services International / Banner Photo by: David Rochkind