Celebrate World Toilet Week with PSI and Toilet Board Coalition

By John Sauer, Aprajita Singh, and Giovanni Dusabe, PSI

Did you think how lucky you were today when you used the toilet? You probably didn’t but you should. You often only notice this habitual task when you have an urgent need and a restroom is nowhere to be found.

Despite a toilet’s obvious value, 4.5 billion or 61% of people across the world today don’t have access to safely managed sanitation services. This means that for the majority of people the waste they produce ends up back in their neighborhoods, drainage and receiving waters.  And this can end up killing them. Nearly 842,000 people around the world die from diarrheal and other diseases associated with unsafe water and sanitation, inadequate fecal sludge management, poor hygiene practices, and insufficient water resource management.

This is a matter of human dignity, inclusion, and basic public health. PSI believes that access to clean water and sanitation facilities is crucial to advancing the well-being of billions of people around the world. To maximize health impact in our water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) programming, we leverage the expertise and resources of the public and private sectors while keeping consumers at the center of our solutions. Identifying an opportunity to collaborate and learn, PSI, represented by John Sauer, Senior Technical Advisor for WASH, recently joined The Toilet Board Coalition, an exciting step in our mission to deliver accessible sanitation to all.

The TBC, a business platform founded in 2014, enables private sector engagement, connects large and small companies, and ensures close collaboration between private, public and non-profit sectors. The organization works with partners like PSI to accelerate the business of sanitation for all and develop new solutions to the global sanitation challenge. With a goal to achieve universal access to sanitation before 2030, the TBC aims to speed and scale solutions through its partner network.

In celebration of World Toilet Day November 19, the TBC is hosting a Virtual Toilet Business Summit all week long. Tune in for webinars, roundtable discussions with global leaders, and the launch of never before seen data that will introduce and explore all components of the sanitation economy. To learn more about how the TBC and its partners are working together, check out TBC’s YouTube Channel for launch events such as the Sanitation Economy Report.

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