Don’t Ask Me, Ask Her: PSI at the IAAH World Congress

By Priyam Chakraborty, Digital Communications Coordinator, PSI

On October 27-29, PSI joins the International Association for Adolescent Health (IAAH) 11th World Congress in New Delhi to discuss innovative approaches and best practices for adolescent health around the world. With PSI India as a consortium partner sponsoring the conference, why it’s vital to #AskHer.

While 1.2 billion adolescents are reaching their reproductive years, the biggest challenge we face is creating programs that adolescents use, in large part because of a lack of empathy in program design. That’s why PSI is changing the way we work and inviting our partners to make empathy the cornerstone of program design.



PSI reaches adolescents through its SRHR programs in 40 different countries. In ten countries, through its specifically adolescent-focused projects, such as Adolescents360 (A360), PSI aims to increase voluntary, modern contraceptive use and reduce unintended pregnancy among adolescent girls between the ages of 15 and 19 by creating programs with her, not for her.


To better understand adolescents’ worlds, we ask questions to gain insights into her experiences. Check out what we’ve heard from some adolescent girls across the world.




We often ask more about their likes, dislikes, hopes and dreams, rather than specifically about sexual and reproductive health.




Where do you work? What would you #AskHer to better understand her world?

If you are at the World Congress on Adolescent Health, stop by stall number 8 and let us know what you’d #AskHer by writing it on our map, taking a photo and sharing it on social media.

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