PSI Contributes New Chapter to Springer’s “Encyclopedia of Malaria”

PSI recently published a chapter in Springer Publishing’s “Encyclopedia of Malaria.” “Malaria Diagnostics in the Private Sector” provides the most up-to-date findings and recommendations related to malaria diagnosis in the private health sector.

Drawn largely from PSI’s experience implementing the UNITAID funded private sector malaria rapid diagnostics tests (mRDTs) project, the chapter focuses on the challenges and opportunities of introducing mRDTs as the preferred diagnostic tool in the private sector. More specifically, the chapter provides an in depth look at:

  • Ensuring proper supply of quality controlled mRDTs
  • Generating demand for malaria diagnostics among private sector providers and clients
  • Ensuring quality of care among private providers
  • Integrating private sector malaria case surveillance and quality of care data into national health management information systems
  • Creating a conducive policy environment for availability of malaria diagnosis before treatment in the private sector

Click here to purchase a copy of Springer’s Encyclopedia of Malaria. For more information about the “Malaria Diagnostics in the Private Sector” chapter, email Andrea Cutherell at or Stephen Poyer at