Why Melinda Gates is Excited about Girls Helping Girls

By Taylor Vaught, Learning Advisor, Adolescents 360, PSI

At PSI, we couldn’t be more enthusiastic about putting girls at the heart of our work. Melinda Gates is too, and we’re grateful to her for giving a shout out to one of our projects, Adolescents 360, in her recent article on Medium about why she’s excited for the future of our girls. Here’s what she had to say:

Girls are Helping Girls: Sometimes only adolescents can fully understand the pressures their peers are under and what information and support they really need. To tap into these insights, our foundation is supporting Adolescents 360, an initiative aimed at expanding access to contraceptives for young women and their partners in Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Nigeria. We’re funding programs that are designed, researched, and implemented by young people, for young people, to respond to their specific needs and combat the stigma and misinformation that can prevent them from accessing contraceptives.

To learn more about how PSI is partnering with young people to reduce unintended pregnancy, check out our Q&A with three 18-year olds PSI is working with in Ethiopia.

Photo credit: Courtesy of PSI