PSI Ambassador Debra Messing Inspires Others to Raise Awareness and Help Stop HIV

By Margaret Cohen, Online Engagement and Fundraising, PSI


“I just wanted to share a little story about someone I met who had AIDS,” begins Teri, a former medical technician remembering the day in 1982 the first AIDS patient walked through the doors of her suburban Minneapolis hospital.

She is warmed by the gratitude he showed when she cracked him up, trying to lighten the mood as she poked her head into his hospital room and telling him in her best Dracula voice she’d “come to draw your blood.” He thanked her for that moment of laughter. She’s never forgotten it.

Teri’s inspiration to tell her story is Debra Messing, an American actress and Global Health Ambassador for PSI. As an “amazing advocate,” Debra has visited PSI’s HIV prevention programs in Africa to bring attention to progress being made against the epidemic.

To support Debra’s work, Teri asks everyone to take the time to “think about the people … and spread a little love” by making a donation to PSI. ”They do so many wonderful things.”

“Thank you Debra,” Teri says. “Thank you PSI for being there for those who need it.”

Support Debra’s work and donate to PSI.