Floods in Myanmar

PSI employees provide disaster relief in Myanmar by distributing household water treatment products.

By Sara Gallo, PSI/Myanmar

The PSI Myanmar office is often considered a big family, and with the recent floods this became a reality as employees worked as a team around-the-clock to deliver water purification supplies to affected communities.

Rain poured over the north and western states of the country starting on Friday, July 31 flooding thousands of homes, bringing down bridges, and obstructing transportation and communication. PSI was soon overwhelmed with requests for P&G Purifier of Water — the only household water treatment product on the market — and staff immediately responded by volunteering their time to deliver the needed commodities to the affected communities and conduct product demonstrations.

In fact, many employees were proactive in utilizing their own social media profiles to promote this water purifier, offer instructions, and coordinate logistics around delivery.  PSI is proud and grateful of its staff, whose hard work and dedication are helping flood affected victims have access to safe drinking water.  We will continue to supply this and other needed health products to those affected by this national disaster.

Disaster Relief in Myanmar

3MDG project staff deployed to help in flood relief efforts. (PHOTO: IOM)

To learn more about PSI’s efforts to distribute water treatment sachets and oral rehydration salts in the flood-affected areas, read the Three Millennium Development Goal Fund’s recent Facebook post.

Photo Credit: Save the Children