A Movie that Matters for a Healthy Haiti

By Ashley Judd

It’s a balmy night in Port Au Prince. 300 Haitians are crowded on and around an outdoor stage near the beach.

On the stage, young PSI staff dance and amp up the audience by playing music videos. Finally, the movie starts.

PSI develops live action films featuring actors from the local country. The films explore health practices like handwashing with soap. Movies like this can entertain, but with a message.

You can make a tax-deductible donation to fund these efforts. Until tomorrow at midnight, your donation will be matched through a $200,000 challenge gift from our board of directors.

After we produce the films, we take them on the road — screening them in areas where people congregate — with an aim of changing behaviors.

The film lasts 75 minutes. The audience is rapt — laughing along with the jokes and cheering during the happy ending. The PSI staff get back on the stage and the music starts to blare.

The message is what ultimately matters. Getting it out in an entertaining way is what works.

Support this work and it will be matched through a challenge gift until tomorrow night.

Photo: Community members watch a film as part of the Cine Mobile program in Haiti. (Credit: David Rochkind)