Six Chart Toppers in Social Marketing for Health

Does social marketing work? It’s a question PSI often has to answer. That’s why we created the Social Marketing Evidence Base.

Now all that evidence is even more accessible, thanks to this new infographic document from PSI.


As PSI researcher Rebecca Firestone recently summarized for the CHMI Blog:

After reviewing 6,523 records in bibliographic databases, we found 109 evaluations of social marketing programs that reported changes in behavioral factors, behaviors, or health outcomes. Of these studies, 71 reported changes in behavioral factors, 82 studies reported changes in behaviors, and 31 studies reported changes in health outcomes. We found 37 studies in child survival, 27 in HIV, 29 in malaria, 14 in reproductive health, and 2 in tuberculosis.

PSI’s social marketing work runs deep. Have a look at the massive PSI Behavior Change Communications catalogue, containing social marketing and other materials generated by PSI staff around the world, in a variety of media and targeting a variety of audiences and issues.

Here are images or videos from six previous PSI social marketing campaigns for health that we think particularly stand out:

From PSI/Kenya:

From PSI/Zambia (see impact assessment here):

CCT Poster Couple1-page-001

From PSI/Guatemala:

From PSI in India (see impact assessment here):

From PSI/Mozambique:

From Society for Family Health (PSI partner in Nigeria):

Download the infographic document summarizing the evidence that social marketing for health works.